[NT] lvl 91 can't do anything


I’m playing a NT and up to lvl50 is was a real pleasure : I was chain casting high level AoE damage, and was almost in god mode. I can say it was too easy.

But now I’m lvl 91 and I can’t cast any better nano from the ICC shop. Mobs now have better AC/HP so my best nukes just do some scratches now.

In the other hand, they now hit very hard (300-500 dmg each hit) and my 2800 HP just collapse in no time. Stims recharge time is too long to be usefull, and my newcomer armor doesn’t protect me enougth. My absorb dmg nano just protect me for 2 ou 3 hits, so it’s not efficient anymore.

I see many nice nukes or absorb nanos from aonu.org but all are lvl 100+ and I have no chance to grab them in missions.

Like any “solo” guy it takes two or three days to get 1M credits… so when I see in the shops eggs are around 300M, I may buy them in 10 or 20 years.

When I follow a team, I’m just useless : when I do 500 dmg, others guys do 2000+ dmg, and as soon as I try AoE I get aggro then die… My roots or debuff I totally useless (what’s the suppose of a root that takes more time to recharge than the time it affects the mob ? same for debuff, what the suppose of a -100 init that last for 5 seconds ?)

What is wrong with my build ? How can I get back a playable toon ?

Welcome to the joy of blitzing highlevel missions for nano-rewards.
As level 91 you can blitz missions up to quality level 163.

Alternatively you can hire someone else to do the blitzing for you.

at lvl 90 you can start missions at thr Reck. Some of them you can do by just waiting for someone come and kill the boss, then just clicking the beacon.

This is when you stop leveling and work on your NT. This is how AO works. It’s a constant and linear process. Leveling and upgrading gear every 5-10 levels. You simply can’t avoid it. Collecting buff items is a non-stop process; treatment rifle, treatment helm, temporary buff rings, weapons and armors. You might have to farm dyna’s or lower level team mission bosses. that sort of thing.

What level are your implants? They should be at least QL130 now. What about all the other stuff? List NCU and belt QL’s. What’ve you got in the HUD slots? What about buffing gear/ weapons? Runspeed gear and runspeed implant clusters? Maybe HP implant clusters?

Are you aware that you can wear Jobe cluster implants at TL3+ as long as those implants are exactly QL100?

Oh, and are you playing on server 2019?