DOT protection advice

I need some advice for my dps toon. It has an 806 IP, but when in Deep Agartha, I can’t keep him alive versus the bosses that use DOT’s. One boss in particular, ghoul I think, will almost always kill me (uses nothing but DOT’s I think). Too often 2 of the bosses will use DOT’s and kill me. Usually I can survive Dark Agartha with just one life (unless I do something stupid and die a 3rd time like tonight), but getting killed by those DOT’s is just so freaking annoying.
I use pistol/hammer. For healing I use active abilities Clean Slate and Pain Suppression. Passive skills: No Pain No Gain, Second Wind, and Rehabilitation. As well, I use the Hoop gadget and the potions for heal/attack rating.
Suggestions about what I should do instead?

The ghoul has a couple specific dots that hurt more, you should save the active hoop for those. The worst is called future shock or something and increases in stacks over time instead of disappearing so you have to cleanse it. The other bad one starts at 5 stacks.

I think Pain Suppression is negatively impacted by Corruption status effect which the ghoul sometimes has, this reduces your healing by 5% per stack (he adds 3 stacks iirc, so 15% right off the bat, and then there’s sometimes the thing where every enemy attack adds 1 corrupt 1 debilitate 1 exposed) meaning instead of 113% heal it’s down to 96% and you don’t even gain hp.

I get by fine in e10 with just the hoop and legendary Cruel Delight + Time and Space and 17% hp allocation but I do have >30% crit chance.

well,you have hammer,you have cleanse slate,you have pain suppression,just put 20 aa to survival and kill it with brutal dps.I can do that with blood running full coruption on e10 with the only cleanse is reap,and I only use that averagely 1 time during fight so…I dont think you would have any problema to deal with that ghoul IF you put 20aa into survive.
Btw I even dont use hoop o drone,Vali ftw.

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You forgot the bit where you MASSIVELY outgear the level that you’re running. Bragging that you can out DPS mechanics when you’ve got way more gear than you need isn’t going to help.

The OP is at 806 IP, so isn’t going to be able to use brute force unless running a much lower bracket of DA.

Truthtainter Orkan has Wasting Disease, which adds stacks over time as @Onevia said. Getting that cleansed quickly is a good move, as it does a lot of damage once the stacks get high. Timelost Sickness starts off with high stacks which tick down, so it’ll do the most damage at the start. If you’re able to stay alive for the first few stacks, then you won’t need to worry too much about cleansing the last few.
Corruption is important to get rid of so that you keep your self heals high - remember that if the boss has “Weakening” effects then you may also get hit with Exposed which increases the damage you take, so can be another high priority to cleanse.

If you’ve got access to it, the Cleansing Drone may be a useful alternative to the hoop. It ticks every second for 5, which means it’s possible to handle multiple attacks instead of waiting to have everything on you before cleansing. Downside is that it can be purged, but tbh if you’ve got Clean Slate too then you should be pretty sorted.

One other thing which Onevia mentioned that I just want to emphasise is how useful signets of Cruel Delight are in DA. In fact, once you get CD up to red, you should hopefully be able to just rely on that to keep you alive (together with a good crit chance).

I don’t know if you’re running with 80/20 dps/survival AA already, but if not then it should make you a lot harder to kill. The 20 survival gives you a nice boost to your hp, and increases your protection values so that the incoming damage is lowered - it really helps you to live longer, albeit at the cost of some DPS.


I know I’m past the intended gear level but I thought I’d do a concrete reference point instead of just saying “eventually Cruel Delight is enough”. It was enough at max mythic (870 something?) when I had 28% stat screen crit (full leg 1 3 pips iirc) it’s enough at current leg 2 (947) and 33% stat screen crit (all elaborate, only 1 above leg 1). In both cases I have healing potions for emergencies but that’s kinda a confluence of bad luck thing (8 non-crits in a row and the Oni’s laying down fire in ways where my hammer can’t hit him at all)

The thing that took me a bit to get around is, you’re better off with higher AA% and a dps-oriented ability bar, than low AA% and a defensive build. Protection makes your healing more effective, hp makes you less susceptible to RNG. I started out in DA running the full sustain setup (pain suppression/thick skin/immutable) with 100% dps AA cause skipping any one of the three made it easy for me to die, not to mention if an enemy purged I was boned, running my dps build (seethe/shell salvage/eruption) with down to about 60% dps AA gives me higher dps and higher survivability cause I can tank through corrupt or purging enemies. The actual amounts I use (17% hp on first 4, 27% hp on gatekeeper) mean I finish a good amount quicker with less ways to die. Neither build is anywhere close to 17 minutes but like you said, overgearing. I think my best is under 6 minutes but it’s not like it tells you.

It’s probably a bit different with weapons that can actually heal, thick skin and pain suppression are strictly speaking not particularly good heals, they’re just a 5 and 8 second delay on needing to heal (during which time heals from other sources can catch up)

Thanks for the input. I’ve been running 85/15 so will boost that to 80/20. I have the drone so will give that at try too. I have cruel delight but only at purple (recently maxed). I’ll work on getting it maxed at orange but red is going to be awhile…a long while lol

My point is 80/20 is important,DA is balanced for that,running more aa wont help unless with gatekeeper+bottled flame in the hope of end him before he goes up shielded to save some time.the extra hp and protection would help you survive.I outgeared but I am blood,I running non other build than that one I use in dungeons that means I run full coruption.So if the pessime build for solo content could run e10 easily with put aa into survive,I guess that would help him a lot,his runnning 2 very good weapons anyway,wont have any problem.
Well,yeah,the only thing need to mention is that there maybe dps problem on my alt if I put aa to survive,but I think it is because I put lots of defensive glyph on it.

The only thing others did not tell you is that Pain Suppression does not work with DoTs, so you may die quickly if you just fire up PS and stop thinking about yout HP while a few DoTs are ticking on you.

If DoTs are your problem then Hard Rock/Thick Skin would provide a better service.

It depends. If the boss is doing a long cast, then yes, you can be troubled by dots if pain suppression is your only heal. If the boss is hitting you though, then PS (+passive) will normally be able to handle the dot damage too.

Maybe in a ideal situation, but not in most cases. If you have more then 1 DoT or corruption on you a mere 13% of the (slow) hits is not going to do much. Maybe you wont die quickly (a bit exagerated :slight_smile: ) but it can cause serious problems, even more if the player is not aware of it. I don’t think he was having troubles when he had only a tiny DoT on him :wink:

It’s down to the way that Pain Suppression works. You receive the heal before the hit lands, so you’re still left damaged. If the dot ticks when your hp is low after the attack then that’s the risky moment. If it ticks before they hit you, then that is often absorbed by the PS heal. Ideally, it’s nice to be able to cleanse (if needed, plus I like the drone) during PS, that way there’s less of a risk.

Belated follow-up. I’ve run Dark Agartha a few times to see what works best but what really made the difference was simply changing my dps/survival to 80/20. I’m surprised how much of a difference that made (from 85/15). At level 4, I have to use that potion that boosts dps/healing, but I can get thru’ DA(every time so far). Which I feel good about considering how under-rated the difficulty levels are. So, thanks again all for the advice.