Shade endgame soloing and deflect - returning player


Hi all,
I came back after several years and dusted off my old shade. It’s a pretty complete 220/30/70 with almost all the endgame stuff. Used to solo the bird boss in Alb no problem.
But now I found the new DEFLECT stat and not sure how to handle it. So I’d like to ask you guys a few specific questions about that, mostly relevant to endgame soloing.
If all this has been answered in other topics, I’m sorry I couldn’t find the answers I need. If I missed something post a link to that topic please.

  1. Should I even bother with deflect? At the moment it’s 1443. How much benefit would I get from maxing it, seeing how I would have to reset some other skills and reduce them to get the IP.
  2. I’ve got 2725 run speed, could I cut some IP away from there? I heard somewhere that your rs doesn’t get faster past the 2k mark.
  3. My concealment is 3k. Could I cut down on that and still be able to use smoke bomb in endgame encounters or sneak past mobs in Albe for example?
  4. Perception 1674 and first aid 1152. Should I have that? First aid is handy when you pop a stim while soloing but is maxing deflect instead a greater benefit?
    I would appreciate any ideas and comments, please.


Here’s one answer. It holds true. Basically, much IP for little chance. You’re better off only upping to weapon requirements.

Perception’s only really good for crit scopes, and if you can bribe a clan Solitus to team you (if not clan), you can easily equip any crit scope. Otherwise, it’s only come to play in PvP and team Dark Ruins in PvE.

First Aid is waaaay better than Deflect, but it’s really up to you if that much First Aid is good for you. The higher you go with that, the more the rewards diminish.

I present to you, a QL 50 Health and Nano Stim, a QL 100 Health and Nano Stim and a QL 200 such. Remember, IP is exponentially more costly the higher the skill. It doesn’t really pay. (See Keune’s post below for giggles.)

To your RS skill, all I’ve got to tell you is that @kerrigan once joked about how she can reach 3k RS just with perks and how she’s faster than the eye can see when she does that, so… yeah, maybe you don’t need that much RS.


I am using such QL 100 stims


Ah ha! Yes, you’ve got the right of it. Mea culpa.


Thank you for your comments, guys.