[SHADE] Sneak Attack

Can someone explain how shade sneak attack works? Every time I go into sneak mode, I get discovered instantly. Given, I am not maxing the ip skill, is that required for it to work? How effective is it? Is it worth maxing?

Is it group only thing similar to back stab? (I play 99% solo)

You have to raise concealment skill for sneak to function in pvm.
Higher level mobs require more concealment to hide from.

Is it worth it though? Maybe I should blow an ip reset and do some experimenting.

Yes it is, it’s also a very cheap teal skill.
Shades have a lot of spare ip due to never needing to raise treatment.

1-205 shade playthrough

Thank you sir, I should have searched your channel for a shade playthrough a long time ago, as I have been a subscriber for a long time.

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SA is super effective. Make sure the tank gets agg first and start off with sneak attack and backstab since you obviously cant SA during combat. If you are quick enough/ get more acquainted with the game/shade you can run up to mobs, hit sneak really quick, and then hit them with SA as opposed to sneaking all the way to them.

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