PVP combat tips?

Most times I’m in a PVP situation, it’s a surprise attack from behind with superior numbers and I get throttled before I know what’s happening. Other times I can roll and hold out but I die in a few hits. Any tips for the gear or combat aspects of PVP?

Are you playing on EL or IoS? On EL you can do the Black Keep dungeon for starters. You’ll learn how to craft a set.

Otherwise, choose between strength build or agility build.

I’m on El. Redeemed SL with decent weapons. 3 hits and I’m dead.

good choice. Sounds like they got you sundered with spike fittings. Got to be able to withstand a sudden attack by all nearby mobs.

I don’t know of any passive ability besides what the weapons give to sunder. If it is a 3-hit combo, then the last hit probably did all the damage.

So don’t get hit the third time?

heavy armor + light step + Lemurian spear. The damage to you will be scanty, and the spear hangs 2 injuries for 1 hit of the pcm at once, that is, you will have control. And carries a two-handed axe, also a good thing

and the camera was given away so that you could see if they were approaching you from behind

If you aren’t statted as SAV, you are already at a huge disadvantage. If they are sneaking up on you, I am assuming you are doing farming so you need expertise 20. Go with vit 20 and agility 20 to maximize your chances of escaping. If you are ready for combat, rolling thrust with the roll poke maneuvers is the way to go but since they outnumber you, you are still fubar. Either get friends and bomb them back to the stone age, perfect your stealth game, or deal with the fact you will always be going back to the desert.

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