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So ive been playing either single player or on my private server since launch, and found myself getting a little bored so I decided to try PVP found a pretty chill server, most players Ive run into either wave or do some sort of dance and move on. Ive kept a low profile, no hoarding of resources ect… made a few friends cool with some of the bigger clans real fun. So then this weekend a new aggressive group should up and one of them picks on my weak pvp abilities, but it also looks like they ticked off the bigger clans because I saw and joined a huge battle really fun and the funniest s…t ive seen, naked players fighting with fist and stone pikes because thats all they had left.( I was one of them too lost all my gear lol) so heres the ?s

First are archers viable in pvp, ive always played as a heavy in all rpgs, mmos decided to try something new. but everyone was jumbled and I couldn’t get a bead so I jumped in n got beat.

Second, everyone and I mean everyone was fighting in light/med armor with pikes or triedents and I saw one in heavy armor. So is heavy armor viable and are other weapons good pikes get kinda boring.

third what combo is good agianst the pike maybe shield/axe?

Fourth if I go back to heavy, would heavy armor be good, and can the shield block a pike

Oh It wasnt raid time but I witnessed buildings getting blown to heck, how did that happen

I had way too much fun, just looking to get at least a fighting chance in a fight

  1. Archers are not to viable right now, but latest patch may change that.
  2. Light/Med armor allow for roll to create distance to heal/stam gen. Pikes and tridents have the most reach. It is the Meta build for Conan. 2H and axe/axe or axe.shield are #2 counters to it.
  3. Full Combos in general are not good unless you are sure to get the kill shot in it. Start and interupt your combo as needed to insure you don’t get stuck in long animations.
  4. Heavy is good if you know how to dodge and manuever wihtout the roll. almost need a tanky build.

One thing i like to do, is practice combos with the different weapons on NPC’s. I know i can beat them with 2 to 3 hit combos at 4 str, but i will treat them as sparring partners and go 1 str/4 vit and steel version of my weapon to allow me to test the combos and ideas i have.

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This is supposedly been fixed a couple of times, but there are always people looking to find technical holes. If you see it a gain, just report to exploit hunters what you saw.

Thanks. Still trying to stay alive. Lol so I’ll stay med n roll for now I know I gotta get better for heavy armor

Pikes are so boring I only used them as stand off weapons for beasts oh well.

Ive been on this server for a couple of weeks and would hate to leave it because I like the base and the thrill of the danger, but I cant get the fighting down.

Are there any Sensei out there that would be willing to teach me how to fight.

Best teacher is practice and trial and error.
Advice to practice on your current server is to train yourself to only farm for armor and weapons. Build small and out of the way. Refrain from raiding, and focus on the melee. Most alpha and wars revolve around huge clans and players with huge footprints. small bases are usually left alone, because there is not much the raiders will get out of it. Only exception is clans that are trying to kill a server completely.

The current meta is infact light/med armor with a pike due to the ability to keep an opponent at range this also allows you to invest points else where and build differently. However there is another meta which is heavy armor 2h specifically the sword. The 2h sword is rather slow but hits like a train combined with heavy armor the damage you dole out it higher than them so with a high health strength build you end up out smacking your enemies forcing them to run and giving you time to heal or let them leave.

Archery is better than it was though i am not sure it is entirely viable my server is currently dead and i’ve been forced to move on. However with the new mechanics it is likely great for group play.

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