Best current PvP and pve weapon set up?

Haven’t played since August when Spears were godly. What is the current best

  1. Pve leveling weapon set up ?
  2. Best PvP weapon set up??


For leveling up I personally just use a Stygian spear and Regular Medium armor. The reason being is that the mats are cheap and if you die it’s not a big loss at all - just iron and leather. I’ll make five sets and put them in a chest next to my bed and not even bother trying to find my body - just continue on with leveling. Then maybe when I get to level 50 I change over to hardened steel and might go heavy armor because that’s usually when I build my first WOP and start looking for thralls and a permanent base site. Before level 50 I just kind of live like a hobo
For PvP my favorite weapon is archerian sword and shield, then swap to archerian spear if the opponent has daggers. Again, the reason being that these items are easily replaced and repaired and if I die and lose them its no big deal. Nothing worse than having a build that relies on a particular legendary weapon and if you lose it you have to respec before you go back into combat. Unless you have 5 of the same legendary weapon. But never make a PvP build that relies on a weapon bonus and you only have one or two of that weapon. Plus, if you die you are supplying other players with legendary weapons, lol.
I’m sure other people can come up with more powerful / OP builds or even cheat builds but for me the above works best. Easy to make, easy to replace when you die.


For PvE, I really like the battle axes. The fact that the 1st attack in the heavy combo jumps and closes ground is a big help when trying to catch up to archers as they fall back, or to interrupt spearmen. The arc of damage provided by the follow-up attacks, and the leg-sweep performed by the final heavy hit also helps to mitigate getting surrounded by enemies. Also, since all but the first heavy attack are horizontal, your risk of accidentally killing thralls you’re dragging is more manageable.

Lastly, I appreciate being the utility afforded by 1-handed weapons: I can still use a shield, a torch, or drag a thrall while still being able to defend myself. Oh, and having a shorter combo than some of the other weapons means I’m less apt to get stuck in a long animation like with the greatsword everyone else seems to favor in PvE.

As for PvP? Well, I don’t play PvP so can’t offer any informed insight there.


Same since August for PvP. Only spear names changed.

“Flawless Serpent Man Warspear”, “Dragonbone Spear”, “Vaulting Pole”
“Kingslayer Polearm (situational)”

Bows are helpful in some cases. They improved them again. So snake arrows and gas arrows are situationally useful.

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My hope is with the upcoming patch, the spear is changed in how it is used. I believe in the notes it is stated that the 1st 2 strikes in heavy were nerfed, and the last 2 buffed. Hence, you can still “pokey pokey mate”, but it does way less damage. Makes using the combo becme necessary for kill shots.

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I personally favor a 2H sword or axe for PVE. With the sword, go Light>Heavy>Heavy>Light for your combo to smack everything around you. The axe all heavy combo is also good for this purpose.

In PVP, it depends on if you have a T4 Smith or not. If no, use Dragonbone. If yes, use Flawless Serpentman. It’s cheaper to repair (only iron) and does the same damage as the dragonbone.

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The full combo has always been necessary in order to win a 1v1 (if both opponents are somewhat at the same skill level). Eating the 4th hit of a spear is a death sentence in most cases.

The “pokey pokey” is just used to stunlock an enemy if you are working together with a friend or to keep your enemy at a distance.
The Kingslayer Polearm is perfect for chasing (pokey pokey), since it’s extended range. The damage is irrelevant, you just want to slow down your enemy so your teammates can reach him.

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Yeah, but a majority of players stay out of full combos (with most weapons tbh), and it becomes a 2 poke, i heal, 2 poke you heal battle of who has more heals. With the new mechanic, there will be more combos, and thus quicker fights with less stress on heal stacks, imo.

If they stay out of full combos simply step up the pressure on them. Most wannabe PvP players can’t handle it.
It’s just like in Dota 2: if you are already winning, keep pushing and pressuring them.

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Personally I can say I am not a fan of the spear. But it is a solid weapon. It is great for PVP.

For PVE content I use the bow as my primary weapon. I can safely destroy most things before they get to me.

Currently using Flawless Khitan Bow with Serpent Man Arrows. I am a bow setup though. I use poison gas arrows as well. If running pve dungeons I bring a stack of healing arrows.

My secondary weapon is a two handed sword and my third is daggers.

I mutilated the Witch Queens guardians with my arrows and Frost Giants are cake.

But here lies the problem with melee in conan, i can literally walk away and spam aloe soup, and your upper hand is gone. While you are finishing your combo, i can roll out, walk backwards, eat 2 soups and by the time we both stam refresh, we are basically the same health again, starting over, until one either lags or runs out of soup.

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In your example:
You roll out of combat range. I simply roll towards you and poke you again. Regen buff gone. Pressure applied.
If you are in medium armor, no need to roll, just animation cancel by switching to kingslayer polearm (extended range), 2 steps, poke, regen buff gone again.

And don’t use aloe soup for heals :smiley:
Protip: Use Roasted haunch + Herbal tea. It stacks. Herbal tea slightly improves your stam regen too.

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I remember last year in a newsletter that animations for consumables were comming, I wonder if they ever do, that would change the spam heal in combat for sure, making it more strategic and interesting, a pitty it didnt happened.

My argument is that the whole combo is useless between 2 skilled players, because enough damage is done with the 1st 2 pokes with minimal stamina loss. You proved that for me. In your example you just admitted to cancelling your combo to roll into me. Thus, i will see that, and being done with my roll first, i will poke you 2 times. By making the first 2 pokes less damage, it requires slightly different strategy and possibly weapons.

Weapons- Flawless Serpentsmen spear or Vaulting Pole
Armor- Epic Flawless darfari light with either vitality or strength medium helmet
Attributes 40+ strength, 40 vit, 10 agility, enough encumberence and at least 20 grit.

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aloe soup stacks and gives water too

I quit playing because of pikes and spears, I was getting hit from 50 yards away because of the connection issues. Absolutely unplayable when you are such a far distance (at least 10x the length of the pike) away and you still get hit by it.

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The can do that too with other weapons when they are lagg switching…

But more people use the spear for a reason. And when people lag switch, they are going to use the most op weapon. It makes the lag switch that much more effective :confused: .