Stop me from doing DA :-)

Why do I keep doing Dark Agartha? It’s ridiculously overpowered for the recommended levels. I don’t mind that DA is difficult, but the risk vs. reward is so out of whack. Sometimes you get bosses that heal themselves and do massive damage. So upping defense means you can’t kill them. Other times, you get bosses w/DOTs that do absurd amounts of damage. My toon at IP1147 couldn’t get past the robot at e7 today. Not only did it do a lot of damage with its aoe’s, but there were dot’s that accumulated so fast I couldn’t keep cleansed. KIlled me in a second (ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration). Then there are bosses that stun you and then practically one shot you. And, etc. etc.
I hate doing DA. It’s not fun. But I keep doing it. Stop me! I need intervention lol

In a way it gets easier the higher you go, cause crit rating has a fairly nonlinear effect on the signet of Cruel Delight, you get healed for more health, more often.

You really have to avoid all avoidable stuff to stay alive though. I think it’s today’s Jinn that’ll stun you and then kill you, but you have to get hit by one of its directional attacks to get stunned.

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What weapons / build are you using? I’m also e11. Managed to do it without cruel delight so far. Even before switching to ksr x). I use pistol so I can have two cleanses if needed. It’s usually enough to just have the purification drone with the signet of time and space (don’t remember full name).
I think you should have a couple of aoes for the adds too maybe.

Honestly, if you can’t do DA at E7 with your IP, it means you’re doing something very wrong, either with your build or your gear, or how you approach the bosses.
Ideally, your AA should be set at 80% damage, 20% survival, with an interrupt (if not two) and a cleanse (if not two). Most boss abilities can be interrupted, and should be, or can get avoided (the usual “don’t stand in crap” disclaimer).

Two interrupts, two cleanses and most boss abilities can be interrupted? What sort of alternate universe DA are you running?

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Well, at least one interrupt and one cleanse, with often two of either. And most problematic abilities can be interrupted or just plain avoided, honestly.

An interrupt and a cleansing gadget, to be swapped as necessary depending on the fight, do the trick for me so that I only have to slot one interrupt and one cleanse ability at much higher difficulties (E13).