Dark Agartha Last Boss

I can’t think of the last bosses name, but I seem to not be understanding all the mechanics, and could use some help.

He has a few telegraphs, and I just stay out of those, but then there is something he does and no matter where I run, or if I stay and shoot, he just seems to damage me. I usually have to pop both my cleanse/heals and my utility, and ‘maybe’ I’ll live. Is there something I’m supposed to be doing during that phase?

Then there’s the phase where he just stands and shoots a tree. I can’t damage him, but I can at least do some cruelty healing while he stands there (if needed).

Is this a fight where you are supposed to stand by colored rocks or statues or something during that damage phase?

When the Gatekeeper starts his drain attack you need to interrupt it, and to move out of bad stuff that appears on the ground.
Most (all?) weapons have some sort of impair/knock out/stun ability that can be used for interruption.
The quicker you stop his cast, the better.


I guess I need to make a load out that replaces my number 2 skill, which is really an AoE, with something that interrupts, when doing that.

In this aspect Dark Agartha is a throwback to early TSW where one of the principles were “No build fits all”.
You are supposed to adjust your build slightly for each boss, depending on what’s needed for that boss. The “Echos of Knowledge” you can find should give some pretty strong hints on the mechanics of each boss.

In TSW there some achievements for clearing dungeons without changing build or equipment. And some of them were very tough. You really had to plan ahead. That’s why the achievements were known as Master Planner.

I miss those days. Today, I could technically just slap together a build and run it on every boss in the game fairly effectively. No way you could do that in the old game.

So I, for one, welcome Dark Agartha and it’s brutalness. Crank it up some more, even. I’ve yet to fail out of an e10.


Good times. I remember the insults in voice chat to the one who by mistake took out a piece of gear and broke the achievement for the whole group :rofl:

Do you remember when changing clothing or title would break the achievement? Good times.

yeah forgot it could be as easy as that !
Always seemed to happen right before last HF boss, after you wiped one gazillion times to get there and you just finished setting up impair turns and stuff …

My old cabal leader failed our Fac run THREE TIMES in a row because he couldn’t stop equipping weapon drops to “check out the weapon skin”. Back when dungeon lockouts were 18 hours. You couldn’t just retreat and try again. :laughing: Fac was a major pain in the butt for MP, too.

remove some talismans to get to 1001 iLevel, it could make it more a challenge (maybe)

Depending on the weapons and build you’re using, you may also want to watch out for Malfunction.

If you hit gatekeeper during the channel, it will damage you too (not sure if it’s a complete reflect or just you take damage as well).

Is that the one where he shoots fire (?) at the tree and you can’t damage him? I’ve shot him during that, and it doesn’t seem to hurt me, but it’s a great way to get some health back (cruel delight) if my other heal/cleanses are down.

no, that’s anima transfusion. He’s got a shield up at that time, (a golden bubble,) though it only heals him if he has that passive active (on the echo of knowledge thing). Malfunction is a big circle aoe with him standing in the center channeling.

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There seems to be a big circle and a smaller circle, and the circle stays on the ground. Are those both the same thing, or different? I presume I don’t want to be in those circles, so I stay out of them. When he does the big circle, I should dodge out and wait till he’s done and then attack him?

ok, so gatekeeper has 2 types of AoE as standard - Malfunction and Deconstruction Protocol.

Malfunction is a channeled aoe centered on the gatekeeper, with a red circle on the outer edge and yellow lightning in the aoe. Hitting him during this time will hurt you. He won’t chase you during the cast though, so it’s basically a case of getting out of the AoE and waiting for him to stop the cast.

Deconstruction Protocol is a ground targeted AoE which is cast at your feet. It comes in 2 sizes, the larger of which seems to be after about 50% hp (but i’m not 100% sure about thresholds or triggers for it tbh). The smaller ones you can normally run out of, the bigger one needs a dodge to reach the edge.

Ah. But so during Malfunction, he hurts me even when I’m running away from him. My health just keeps dropping, and I usually have to do two heal/cleanses just to try to stay alive, and sometimes that isn’t even enough and I die. :disappointed:

As long as you’re not hitting him during Malfunction, it’s not a huge hit to take per tick - though you do need to get out of there asap. Part of the pain is when he then casts a big Deconstruction Protocol on you shortly after, which sometimes is before your dodge is off cd :confused:

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You can do all bosses with the same build as long as that build has 1 impair, 1 cleanse, some self healing and some defensive AA. Depending on your gear/weapon, you can easily do it with 100% damage AA too.

I will post more detailed opinions on the feedback thread, but the past 10 or so days of Dark Agartha has been very disappointing due to how tame it is. All that “randomness” but we barely deviate.

Well yeah, if you cover all your bases then you’ll not need to adjust. It’s faster if you switch stuff round, but with good planning, yes, you will probably find a build that can handle it all. It was the same in TSW with Master Planner mode in dungeons - adjusting your build for each boss isn’t a necessity, but it’ll make it quicker.

It’s not really going to work very well if you increase too much specificity into boss fights - for example making a mechanic which can only be countered with a shield, because there are going to be lots of players who don’t have access to the counter. Making it so that people fail based on whether or not they’ve unlocked all the weapons is unlikely to be popular.

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never tried a cleanse, that could br a good idea too
EDIT: what’s defensive AA?