Dark Agartha Lore #10

I’m at DA Lore 9/11 on two characters now. TSWDB says that Lore #10 is found:

On the Shattered Twig at the very edge of a shattered side midway down the length of the broken branch any day after the one in which you acquired Dark Agartha #9. Be careful not to fall! Can ONLY be reached when Shattered Twig is in the day’s Dark Agartha seed.

Thing is, I’ve been running DA every day for over a week now - coming up on two - and I’ve not seen this segment come up even once. I was ready to chalk it up to bad luck, or to it not actually being part of the main path but something I have to fall / jump to from same; but when I asked in game, I was told that this bit has actually been missing for a while. So what’s the deal?

“Missing for a while” doesn’t mean anything to me. Not something you need to drop to or anything, it has just been a while since this path was one of the sections that has been available. There are a handful of paths available, and only a few chosen for each day. Hopefully we will see the shattered twig again soon. It is the same for everyone each day when it resets, so you can ask here, in game, or on the discord if it is available that day.

My understanding is, each of the 4 bosses has an alternate platform style, which is #1 tiny platform, #2 fire ring, #3 4 disconnected bits, #4 the long chase. I don’t know if it’s an even chance to appear or whether it’s less likely than the standard ones.

It took to me a few runs to spot it as its not easy but its there.

Its on the external edge of one platform, you cannot see it if you are not literally one step from it.

The platform that it is on is not always available though, that’s what people are having trouble with.

I have heard but not seen myself that shattered twigs is in DA today, just a heads-up.

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Yup, it’s the 4th boss platform today.

Yep, picked up lore #10 today.

To add to this. Each of the first 4 fights have 4 (5?) options for their environment. Toxic Spore, Debri, Memory of Flame (maybe one more?) and the special platform. The special platform is on its own an environment, and every other environment option takes place on the normal platforms. If All environments have equal chance to appear, the special platform will have a lower chance compared to the regular one.

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Got it. Thanks, all.

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