The Streaming Ones November 16th, 2018 [Summary]

The stream was hosted by Andy (Community Manager), Nicole (Community Manager) & Chris (Lead Designer).

It was all on about Dark Agartha, if you don’t want spoilers about it, don’t read on or watch the stream. Otherwise you can rewatch the stream on twitch

You might want to watch this for fun as well with audio on :wink:

Dark Agartha Basics

  • Launched this week
  • Solo Instance with 5 bosses
  • Changed Daily
  • Aimed to be relatively difficult
  • Way to progress to 4 pip gear
  • Currently 4 pip glyphs but they intend to add 4 pip talisman as well
  • It’s a permanent addition to the game, not an event
  • The enter (after first time ever) costs 7 AP & 15 SP
  • Uses the scaling difficulty Tech
  • No plans currently to make a group version


  • Takes advantage of the Gadget Slot and how it allows players to adapt
  • Expects players to adapt to each encounter (build, allocation, gadget)
  • You can buy items at a vendor at the start, pretty strong buffs
  • Some can only be used before the run and others only during the fights
  • Buffs include combat buffs, extra 5 minutes, another life, etc.
  • You can buy and use all buffs
  • Combinations of Mobs, environments and abilities are random
  • Some unfair combinations have been made impossible to appear
  • if you die, bosses recover some health, but no necessarily go back to full health
  • it is very possible to succeed even if you die 2 or 3 times
  • Gatekeeper always is the final boss but his abilities vary
  • It won’t be a normal, explorable zone
  • AP & SP will not have the caps removed
  • Costs are intended to give endgame players something to spend them on
  • No Museum pieces on DA this path
  • No achievements either, they ran out of time but will add some later
  • Bosses have a general theme their potential abilities are based on
  • They are planing to add difficulties beyond E10


  • Dark Agartha was mentioned quite a while ago
  • Last checkpoint on their old roadmap
  • Changed quite a bit but always meant as challenging solo experience
  • Had to wait for the anima allocation system, otherwise it would not have been fair to include a solo experience like this
  • Some encounters already encourage you to switch the allocation
  • Answering a question: no one from the CotSG design team worked on Dark Agartha, they are not even on SWL anymore
  • They considered giving a daily free entry to premium members but it’s not something they are doing for now
  • Andy did the trailer and a friend, who specialized in trailers, the music
  • The track coincidentally is call “You can not save this world again”


  • The Concepts they showed are in this thread: Behold: Dark Artgartha
  • They few through the area and showed the details
  • not trying to describe either, for visual content, watch the recording :slight_smile:


  • There is no Jump-pad because Gaia does not want you to go there
  • She won’t stop you, but she won’t help you getting there either
  • What you visit is a unstable timestream & you need to attune yourself to it by spending some of your anima (AP & SP)
  • The vendor is mostly there for gameplay & not fully founded in lore
  • You might recognize some items from the agent system mission chains
  • Purple has a specific, story meaning but they did not go into details
  • Each day represents a slightly different timeline

Please let me know if I missed something important. Was good to see a stream again!


For those interested. Agents in March, story continuation (New Dawn) in April. April stretches “early” a bit, but they were basically on time. Dark Agartha, not so much. Probably delayed by Stonehenge Occult Defense which isn’t on the roadmap. Overall A- or B+ on sticking to the roadmap. Could have been a solid A if DA was more timely, but I won’t dock too much because of Stonehenge. Still don’t know why the roadmap was quietly swept under the rug. It was more or less accurate if you compare the dates to patch notes.

Also, is it sad that I find Dark Agartha more compelling from a story/lore standpoint than I did the entirety of New Dawn?

Because people didnt understand the idea of the roadmap, and only used it to whine. Some insistet on August meaning August 1st (example). The roadmap was never a 100% time schdule not up for change, and it didnt give specific dates for a reason. It was what they hoped for, and an attempt to share that. We, as a community, ruined that for ourselves.


Yes. When I said that I didn’t know it was more of an existential “I don’t know why” than literal. I know people whined because stuff that said “July” came out on August 3rd.

I just had to give credit where it was due. FC stuck to the schedule surprisingly well.

This is an appropriate place for “This is why we can’t have nice things”.