Dark Agartha isn't really for casual players, is it?

I am not impressed. I started the game just 2 months ago, I am not a patron, and even though my gear level is definitely above 175, I couldn’t even get through the first boss… and it cost me 7 ability points?

I just kinda wish I had known that before I started (now I’m out of points to try elite 1). I mean… yeah, I’m a noob. My build is probably not the best either (chaos/pistols), my item level is maybe 300, and I still can’t go past the third wave in Occult Defense (and only if I actually start with that one and there are no ghosts).

Honestly, I don’t have any interest in trying again. I’ll stick to my snail pace item leveling until we get more story content.


It’s not a whole lot for endgame players either… go in for up to 17 min, kill some bosses, time to log out. With the steep cost of entry I’m not really motivated to push to play on highest possible difficulty. I guess the story’s all in the agent missions as the actual Dark Agartha has 0 story.

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I haven’t had time to try myself, but from the first few films I’ve seen it looks like my ideal content. Five bosses with different and significant abilities, with a serious risk of failing! Really looking forward to trying. I might go in at e10 with a proper glass cannon build to make it even more punishing.

7 ap for e2 sounds a bit high, though. And you might want to try posting your build and asking for feedback. Sometimes minor changes can make a big difference.


It’s just Chaos/Pistols and I have every active and passive ability available, lol. I’ve tried different builds and saw a clear improvement doing Stonehenge every day at least… slow as it might be. If anyone has got some advice on how to make the most of my build, I’m interested though!

The 7AP was for E1! Not sure how much I actually paid to get my ■■■ kicked at E2 (very possibly a total fail at figuring out the strat but I was just taking massive damage and not doing enough DPS).

So the first run is free, so by the time you reentered, you knew that it was hard. The cost is the same regardless of Elite level.
A strong recommendation is a 20/80 Allocation for Survival/DPS. The extra protection you get from that is kinda important to have.
Some sort of Active protection and/or healing is a good idea too. Todays combination of fights, all require a strong cleanse build.
Bring a cleanse gadget, bring Clean Slate from pistol.
Immutable from Chaos is a great addition to healing/protection.
At the start you have an npc that sells items. Get extra time and extra health.
The two items with red names in the vendor, can be used in battle, and placed on your shortcut bar (shift+2-3). One prevents death once for a time, and one increases your damage greatly for a short time.
Don’t stand in AoEs, make sure to move or you will die quickly.
Read the broken lores on the ground before each boss, to have an idea of what happens.

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Sadly disappointed there was no story. I guess complete your agent missions with Jeronimo is how we’re getting story content now.


Which is funny since in an interview Tilty had told us not to ‘overthink’ the agent missions and they weren’t really connected to the main story.

I guess now they are? Eh.

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Depending on what you put in “main story” … Dark Agartha is not main story but a side story. Anyways looks like Agent Missions and Lore is the main source of Dark Agartha story for now.

Looks like it at least isn’t for me until I finish filling out my weapons pages… as it requires AP and SP which people who had finished their weapons pages had been asking for other things to spend it on… I feel I don’t really need four pip things yet anyway, since it’s probably going to be a while before I ever get anything to red… then again I don’t know what I’m doing and probably need advice for gearing anyway… heh!

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You can get Elaborate from purple =). Whether or not you feel the AP/SP cost is worth that, over working on your base build, now that is up to you =P

It’s an AP/SP sink? Great. Got full books and high reserves from login bonuses.

I tried it today. Couldn’t defeat the Gatekeeper on Elite 1 and to be honest, I’m really not interested enough to attempt it again. The days of me enjoying this game are long gone, it seems.


Dark Agartha isn’t a pushover unless you significantly oveargear it. You have to pay attention to each boss’s special abilities and be prepared to counter them.

Haven´t played it.
But I watched a YT-Video of someone playing it because i was curious (… but not curious enough to reinstall the game … coff coff)
Seriously, what´s the point of this?
Just an AP/SP-sink?
I don´t think I´m missing something and it won´t bring me back as a player.
Really sad.


Literally my first impression: oh, hey, we’re back to AP/SP sinks for the uber elite players and power creep. This relaunch really paid off in making the game more mass marketable and is totally heading in the right direction… not.

I’m not really surprised, but I am disappointed.


Power creep with soft caps. Sure! :laughing:

People definitly asked a lot for an AP/SP sink a while back…not gonna nag about it. Gives SP/AP at least some value even if farming them for the daily DA shouldn’t stress the endgame player to hard. Would love to see the whole system coming with an increase of AP/SP cap and the softcaps.

Well, it might be only in the single digit % range, but it’s more power for nothing that actually needs it. So, yeah, it’s exactly that.

BUT, you all overlook the most important aspect of this patch : finally, after countless years, we have a proper MULTI BOSS RAID in the Secret World universe and the bland copy surpassed the number of raid bosses of the original by yet unknown numbers !




Praise Yog-Sothoth !


I enjoyed my DA run yesterday, but as I’m only E5 level and still building, it’s not likely to be a must-do for me (though it was enjoyable enough that I will spend the AP/SP on it every now and again). However, I can at least appreciate the fact that it is new content aimed at the players who have topped out the skills and item levels, which has been needed.

Also it looks really cool.

I know. Doesn’t mean I see how this is any different from TSW piling on sinks and power creep to please a few hundred players, while failing to deliver on new stuff that’s truly accessible fun for a broader, more casual player base.

What was the point of the relaunch again?