Dark Agartha isn't really for casual players, is it?


No, it’s not power creep technically by its definition, i just pointed it out. The soft caps actually make elaborate glyphs such a useless grind for maxed out people that it is basically worthless to grind them, that’s the thing. And this actually is a problem, because at the end, no incentive about rewards of a content = the content not being played. Just look at Shambala!


There has to be content for everybody. New story is the hardest content to create, yet the fastest to get consumed. It does not contribute to the lifespan of a game. SWL also needs replayable content to not die.

I’m not sure why you would expect every single activity in the game to be easily accessible for casual people, even if at the end, as you said, the relaunch has been made to make the game more accessible. “More” does not mean that the game should have no challenges at all just to cater to the lowest possible degree of a player’s skills or something. Don’t go that far into extremes.

Also, you seem like pretending to know why TSW failed by claiming something that is suitable to your narrative, even if it’s actually not true. TSW did not fail because of the fact Funcom released 1 issue that was purely oriented towards endgame players. 1 single issue! TSW failed for the same reasons SWL is in the current state: low development priority / resources, content being in general too slow to get released, AND on top of that, clunky gameplay and insufficient monetization (i guess the cosmetics were not popular enough).


Certainly wasn’t to make you cheerful. :v:

I would expect every single activity in the game to be easily accessible for casual people because there’s literally no reason for it not to be. Accessibility versus challenge is not a zero-sum game. There’s no real reason why Dark Agartha couldn’t exist as both an endgame grind (assuming they do something about the softcaps) and regular content that everyone can play.


That’s just wordplay. DA is not “inaccessible” behind IP, paywalls or anything else (unlike some faction missions). Sure, i’d argue for a reduction of AP/SP costs for lower difficulties (how about 3 AP / 6 SP for E1 to E4, for instance?).


I’ll tell you several possible reasons:

  • Extending the lifespan of a game. Someone who cannot try out every single activity from the get go is less susceptible to leave the game as soon as they did everything - that’s retention value.
  • Creating an incentive to push themselves to get better and/or to get enough gear / “whatever requirement” in order to discover a new activity. Casual does not mean someone who does not care about getting better and/or get a requirement fulfilled for something.


Tilty lied, as per his SOP.


What’s your definition of raid?


How about repetitive content like dungeons they already created for TSW?


What’s the question about, sorry? The missing dungeons is #1 things i’d like to see brought back, that’s for sure.


People were pointing out the the story content was the most expensive to make and fastest to be consumed.


And what is your definition of “casual”? Even the story expects you to reach level 50.


Indeed, i was pointing that out. It doesn’t mean i’ve got a clue why investors from Funcom have such a low priority into bringing the missing dungeons back (probably because it is the least popular activity in SWL so far, maybe). But for sure, this content is objectively way less work than creating an entire new story zone - the graphical assets exist already from TSW, they just need to work on the mechanics.


Raiding , also known as depredation , is a military tactic or operational warfare mission which has a specific purpose and is not normally intended to capture and hold a location but instead finish with the raiding force quickly retreating to a previous defended position prior to enemy forces being able to respond in a coordinated manner or formulate a counter-attack. A raiding group may consist of combatants specially trained in this tactic, such as commandos, or as a special mission assigned to any general troops. Raids are often a standard tactic in irregular warfare, employed by warriors, guerrilla fighters or other irregular military forces.

Let’s check :

specific purpose : check
no intention to hold or capure : check
quickly retreat to previous position : check
specifically trained in this tactic : check
employed by irregular military forces : check

Also, it’s in the “raid” section of the lockout timers, so what else (except totally forgetable after the free run) can it be ?


Lol, the raiding definition applied for video games where the term “raids” means actually something very different. In MMORPGs, raids usually mean coop group content.


Casual = playing a few hours a week, not racing to the max level (honestly, in this game, if you’re not a patron, you pretty much have to be casual).

I’m still not over the Occult Defense nerf. I keep ending up in an instance I can’t beat, and I get absolutely no choice now to just go and start at level 1 anymore. I REALLY do not like the direction this game is taking. There’s basically nothing left for me to do but do repeatable missions every 3 days now, and run Agent missions.

I guess I can try Seek and Preserve again… but that was too easy…


What are you talking about? Nothing changed regarding the difficulty of OD since release, except 5 min enrage timer on mobs. Are you reaching that stage?


Er… you can still start at wave 1 if you want to.

And how does that lock you out of Dark Agartha? Again, the story expects you to reach level 50, and you’ll quite comfortably do so even as a free player.

Nevermind that the rest of your statement is nonsense. You don’t have to be a patron to participate in end-game activities, you just get fewer free keys.


No you can’t start at wave 1 anymore because the screen you have to click to accept doesn’t show the instance level anymore :frowning: So I can’t pick wave 1… I just have to do whatever the game selects for me. I tried four times, just ended up dying, and gave up. It started after the patch yesterday.

Extremely disappointing to me.

I never said that the game locked me out of Dark Agartha, just that the difficulty level and requirements are just too hard for a casual player (as a non patron, I can only run missions every 3 or 4 days as well, so getting enough exp for ability points takes a while).


I thought it was just a display issue? I was able to select the wave i wanted yesterday in the dropdown menu, nothing was broken.


What on earth are you talking about? You pick wave 1, you’re guaranteed to start at wave 1.

Any player who hasn’t finished the story has plenty of content ahead of them. I wouldn’t expect Funcom to create additional content for that part of the player base.

If you have finished the story you’re level 50 and can access Dark Agartha.