Thank you so much for Dark Agartha

This might seem a bit unnecessary, but I know people tend to talk about what they don’t enjoy more than what they do,and certain parts of the community have felt a bit overly negative about it. So I wanted to say: Thank you for designing something like Dark Agartha, that so well-suits somebody who loves this game but can’t often play it with others.

I’m Australian, and can typically only play in the evenings, so I miss when most of the community is on. That can actually really suck; in SWL I can’t do lairs, raids, sometimes even dungeons without going massively out of my way. I still can’t reliably get signets. And SWL’s actually one of the better games about letting you progress solo; there’s games I had to stop playing for a while because of this problem.

So I’m overjoyed at the fact we have content that’s specific, dedicated solo play. I’ve often found that even in situations where both solo and team play are available, solo play is often some combination of slower, harder and less rewarding (sometimes all three), so I often feel like a second-class citizen of sorts when I have to play alone. The fact that for once there’s content that I’m on the same footing as everyone else in is a wonderful thing, and while it’s not for everyone–nor perhaps should it be–it is for me, and I love it.

And that’s to say nothing about the actual gameplay, which I adore in both concept and execution. It being all about using the more esoteric abilities to specifically counter whatever the bosses are throwing at you that day is really clever, and makes overcoming it more of a puzzle of execution than a question of raw firepower like a lot of other parts of the game (it being solo-only helps a lot here, too; this is all you, there’s nobody else to bail you out). I actually ended up loving how that turns out; a friend of mine rejected my comparison to investigation missions, but I’m sticking to it, since it’s all about learning, thinking and researching. And I think that makes it a pretty good replayable investigation mission.

So, thankyou. Not only for making content for a part of the playerbase that often isn’t very outspoken, but for making it something new and interesting.


I say thank you too, but for other reasons.
I love Dark Agartha because it’s a daily activity that changes others. The activity is short (max 17min), requires thought and good technical skills, to know how to move quickly, to change a little his deck and takes place in a very well done scenery. The boss/skills changes break a little monotony too.

This is not a content intended for new players or for occasional players, and I am pleased that Funcom has taken a little time for players older and HL.

Just thank you, Dev’s. :deux coeurs:


I’d also like to echo the positive feedback. It’s something completely unlike anything else in SWL currently, and the way it varies day-to-day is unique too.

Also it looks utterly fantastic, the artists have really outdone themselves with Dark Agartha. I bought the extra 5 minutes just so I’d have time to look around!


Thank you for this thread =). There is nothing unnecessary about it. While we do tend to give feedback on stuff we don’t like, more than what we like, both are very important for the team to hear, and not just so they can get some good feels their way either =). They don’t want to change something that a potential majority like, just because a minority who didn’t, happened to be the loudest =).

More on topic, thanks indeed for this content. I don’t have much to add in concrete feedback at this point, but i am really enjoying the new content in every way <3. This goes for characters who have finished their skills, as well as those that haven’t. Really appreciate the time the team puts into everything they do. We often don’t realize how much it takes to bring stuff to life in game, nor how much time is spend researching the amazing lore that is everything for this game. Lots of love you guys <3333.


Thats your opinion, let others have theirs. We can give our thanks where we want, and I for one really appriciate this kind of content.

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any new content is good to me, that’s for sure, and i love the design.
I won’t play it till i have all skills/abilities which will probably be in like 1 year from now (if not later) though.

I would say Dark agartha is lit but than it would be Light agartha.
Really dig Dark Agartha. Also the mof I make through it…huehuehue