I finally came back to SWL

After a long hiatus I finally came back to SWL, completed Kaidan and New Dawn and then realized there won’t be any more story. No Kongo, no final reckoning with Marquard, no more wonderful and horrific lore.

The only indication that our characters actually managed to push back the End was from the “Moons of Madness” game, set in 2063, in the Orochi founded Martian base.

If you haven’t been to Dark Agartha yet you’ll find more lore there.

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I keep checking back every so often hoping there is something new. It seems that Dark Agartha is still the last addition and then the rebalance 2 years ago. I’d love to revisit this game, however it needs something more then endless grind once you are done moving all three factions to the endgame.

Rebalance makes the grind take less time at least

what does the endless grind go towards exactly?

IMO, problem isn’t that endgame is a grind - any MMO endgame is, it’s that there’s not so many things to grind. Like raid content in this game even back in TSW with 3 single boss raids is like half of an actual full size raid in any other MMO at best.

I want a TSW reboot in Unreal 5.1 with some ray tracing sexiness. I want high quality avatars, with the same dark, creepy, horror. I want filth. I want the fog. I want Kingsmouth in 8k gorespatter. I want it so bad!

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