Do people still play this?

I have not gotten on in awhile and found out they made TSWL. So i was wondering if there is still a good community to play with and a lot of players?

I think there’s more people then some might think. Not a massive player base, but not a ghost town.

Well thats good. I enjoyed the game quite a bit when there were a lot of people playing. Thanks for the quick reply!

Thanks, but now that I think about it that this needs the addendum that I don’t really do team based stuff. So your mileage may vary.

I gotcha. SO is the game going to be shut down anytime soon? I do not want to get in the game and play for a while then they shut it down lol

The original TSW is still up and running. What makes you think they’d shut down the version that’s actually making a profit?

Not that I’m aware of (I mean, there’s your doomsayers in the player base, but they’re kinda always saying things are going to end next week. And then we’re a year later). The last content update contained something they wanted to experiment with for future use, which I think is a good sign.

Ok thanks!

I do not really think that they will im just trying to make sure. Also they make more money the TSWL then with TSW? I did not know that.

Sorry one more question. Are more people playing the classic TSW or TSWL? Also I read some of your story and I have to say I really like them! Im glad someone writes Fics about this game!

Thank you! I’m glad you’ve read them.
I’d say more people play SWL. There’s still some people on TSW but those are the true die hards.

Got it! again thanks for the reply’s!

Just something I always remind folks who are new/returning from long ago:
They have severely restricted the number of people in a particular instance to give the game an empty world, post apocalyptic feel. The fact that you are not seeing many other players in the zones does not mean that there are not in fact many more players out there.

Despite this i always felt the maps are more crowded in SWL. By the time i joined TSW, I could run around for hours not seeing others, while doing story. In SWL i usually run into someone quite quick, both new and old.

Every time new story content comes out, i wait a couple days for my immersion lol. Did the mistake of going straight to Tokyo. After 5 players spawned on me i turned around.

I unsuccessfully waited half an hour for NYR Story to pop today, which was an absolute first (up until this August, it usually popped within 5-10 minutes even as dps). So it certainly looks like there’s a lull in active players atm.

As far as i remember, August always was a pretty weak month for TSW, too, so chances are things will pick up again with back to school September.