Anyone interested in playing the original TSW?

Hi guys I still play The Secret World (the original game) and I would like to get back into it. I wanna know if there are other people who like doing the dungeons and raids and if so then I wanna invite people to join my guild in TSW so we can do awesome stuff again. I wanna do the old school dungeons and raids and stuff. The only thing I liked about TSW was the raids and dungeons so just because they dont do events in there anymore that doesn’t affect the dungeons and raids, as far as Im concerned that game is still good. Let me know if anyone is interested. I play at 18:30 UK time until like 1am every day so if you can match those times Im sure we can do awesome stuff. New players are welcome I dont mind gearing people up haha, even vets are welcome, our gear is maxed out and can do any role so no sweat.

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I don’t think my TSW characters have completed the things for most dungeons yet. I would be interested in doing some Fusang or something if there was a weekly time slot for it.

I’d be okay with helping other people complete achievements and stuff too I guess, if the requirements weren’t too demanding. (My chars have mostly just reached BF with basic epic gear iirc)

New players may be welcome, but unless they played TSW when it was live, brand new SWL accounts don’t have access to TSW.

@anon85581819 is running a TSW community I believe, maybe he can get you updated with what’s happening there.

I have chatted to him already, the people currently playing dont seem too keen to do much I was in there and had a chat with some peeps but I never got much response. I get the feeling they all do things on t heir own time and arnt much into making groups for stuff. I dont mind doing the gear farming like Manufactory and breached and stuff like that even, even the polaris and purple gear farming I find that stuff fun haha my TSW character name is Lexi so if any of you guys are interested just send me a tell in game and I will add you guys to my friends list then we can do awesome stuff haha

I would be glad to help you gear up a bit if you haven’t done the nightmare dungeons yet haha will be great I think. SWL has no real dungeons they are pretty crappy at best, TSW is where the real dungeons are, SWL is for story line stuff TSW is for raids and dungeons I think. If you wanna do some TSW stuff my character is Lexi just send her a tell or a post office message and I will add you to my friends list

Thats a pain for sure. I have a bunch of friends that would love to play TSW now but like you said haha they cant even get the game anymore :frowning:

This keeps coming up, especially on the subreddit. You can find a few people to get together for raid or pvp events from time to time, but nobody actually cares about playing regularly over there except the 5 or 6 people that are already there.

Thats what I wanna see, I wanna see a good few people come back so we can do the stuff that matters like dungeons and raids haha, SWL doesnt have any story line stuff at the moment and the dungeons are crap at best in SWL so why not spend some time doing good dungeons in TSW till the next chapter of the story like (will take about 2 years) and then come back to SWL to do the story, you dont get any real gear upgraded from SWL dungeons so you guys aint missing anything :slight_smile: I know there are guys like me that just like the dungeons and raids, TSW is the place for that. No other game out there does dungeons and raids like TSW.

I would BUT unfortunatly i am missing 2 or 3 of the dlc’s :frowning:

How would you even play…I couldnt find my copy in my steam Library…and I cant find it on steam, or anywhere else to download to play…

You download the classic patcher and LocalConfig.xml from your account page. That only works if you already have a TSW account, of course.

It’s even mentioned on the SWL patcher if you scroll down far enough.

For people that do want to play TSW but dont owe a key as of now there still a way to get the game from other sources :stuck_out_tongue: like G2a and such

Wish they would just update this game … SWL is a joke for a game that doesnt even deserve the name the secret world…


Are you still playing this game? Mostly, I used to play my games in a multiplayer mode just to extract more fun in the game.

I am still a beginner and i do not know if i would be able to cope up, but i will still like to give it a try.

there is a link on the SWL launcher that takes you to old website where you can get old SW you just got to buy it if you never bought it before i think i was able to re download it just had to hit no on uninstalling SWL

You cannot buy original The Secret World anymore anywhere unless you manage to still find key on sale on keyselling sites. On those sites it cannot be Steam or Origin key since those will not work

i already owned it so i just downloading it i like old better then new alto id like to take the news world tree smash it in to the old lol

You can also still find sealed retail boxes.