Better starting on Secret World Legends or TSW classic?

Hi, I’m dowloading the client of SWL and I read in notes I could play even the original game before the revamp. What’s better for a new player?
If I understood well, the two games have similar contents, but differences in graphic, gameplay and mechanics. Is it right?
Ty for every hint :slight_smile:

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You can DOWNLOAD the old game TSW but you can’t necessary play it if you:
1.Don’t already have a TSW account
2.Or get an unused activation code which isn’t sold anymore

As such for most SWL is the only option and for the most part (like 99%) all the story that is in TSW is also in SWL and some more. TSW is also not developed anymore and has no seasonal events. SWL is in development even if it’s not the fastest development.


For a totally new player, I’d suggest going for SWL. The graphics are the same in both games, the missions are mostly the same (mission flow was improved a bit for SWL). The only real differences are in combat and loot mechanics.

If you’re totally new, you’d have to drop a load of money to unlock all of the content in TSW (the original game) that you can see for free in SWL. Even getting hold of a license key for TSW is a bit hit and miss, as the game isn’t officially sold any more.

You don’t gain anything by playing TSW first any more, (at the time of SWL’s launch there were related offers which have now expired) and the story progresses further in SWL than it did in TSW.

I’d say you’re better off just playing SWL, then in the future if you still really want to try TSW, you can look into it.

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Ty everyone for answers. I started SWL because being totally new I don’t have a previous account for the old game, so I guess the original game option will never be available for me.
SWL is not bad so far. I like the setting and the atmosphere. It’s quite immersive. I’m still doing the tutorial missions, anyway, and I just reached an hub map, Agartha. I like the mechanics to recycle weapons and the dressing room.

Just another couple of questions.
Is there a way to disable those white area of attack indicators you see when you fight some opponents? Do I have access to all contents and social channels or I need subscription for that? I mean I saw other players, but I don’t see global chat channels or something similar.

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Hmm, I’m not sure you can disable the aoe outlines. Generally it’s best to have them visible because those are attacks that you really want to be outside of!
All the game content is free with no subscription required. Subscribers have shorter cooldowns on repeating missions and get extra keys in their daily allowance, but there’s nothing locking you out of content totally.
Chat channels aren’t all global, some are linked to the area you’re in, so you’ll only be able to see trade and LFG in Agartha or a city for example. If you right click the chat window tab, (Playfield for example,) then move the mouse down to Subscribe Channels then Public Groups, you can see which channels will show up on each chat tab. There’s not normally a massive amount of chatter out in the zones, but it’s always a good idea to check which channels you’ll see.
The game will only put a small number of players into the same instance of each zone, so that you’re not tripping over other players, so it’s normal to only really see other people in Agartha or the cities.

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Yes, I know they are useful, but I didn’t mind the idea cause I’m used to Age of Conan where part of the combat gameplay is even figuring aoe range and attack directions, even there can be other visual indicators. I will search better if there’s an option in setting.

oh… found them. Thank you :slight_smile:


Trust me, when you get further in this game, you’ll need those outlines and curse the people who throw down tons of ground effects that blocks the visibility of the white cast bars.


It doesn’t get much use anymore but type the following command in the chat window to join the largest “global” channel that players use:

/chat join Sanctuary

If you’re looking for a cabal (a group of players) to join come over to League of Monster Slayers, we’re an active and friendly bunch.

/chat join LoMSGlobal

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If someone had told me three years ago that people would still play at TSW today, I would have been more surprised than anyone.


I played TSW years ago and loved it, but other commitments took me away. I’ve just come back to try SWL (now a complete newbie!), and the stuff I loved about the game is mostly still there…apart from the activity.

I always thought I wanted TSW to be a single-player game, but coming back to find so few people around (at least, where I am and at the time I play) made me realise that the community added a great deal.

I don’t see the cabal names I used to. Maybe those folks are just off doing dedicated activities.

As for TSW v SWL, the combat feels different, the early levelling seems a lot easier, and the story is as good as ever. For me, it’s like returning to a favourite holiday destination. Apart from the frequent death, of course.


It depends on which cabals you’re looking for really - there are still a load of us out there that were in TSW too, but there have been plenty that have hung up their spurs too.


Luminar Cabal here!

Good luck out there Mal


Luminar. There is still a fire burning in that cabal. Keep the flame lit!

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I’m just starting SWL myself. I started with TSW with the lifetime membership and it carried over to SWL. So i decided to give this a shot. I’m glad I did. Made it to level 20 soloing, but now looking for a cabal to join. I don’t see many people on during my play time and finding groups for dungeons had been difficult.

There are usually cabals in social (shift+C). You could also try joining /chat join Sanctuary so you can talk to people outside of Agartha.