Returning player with few questions

Hi all, i used to play TSW and it was a blast and i am thinking of trying out SWL but before i do i would like to know few things.

  1. What is the difference between TSW and SWL? Anything new added?
  2. How is the population in game?
  3. How is the end game? Is it hard to find groups for dungeons/raids?
  4. Is the leveling difficulty changed or is it same like it was in TSW?

1.) Main difference would be the combat along with several QoL changes to story progression. There is some additional content that wasn’t present in TSW but there is also a fair amount of missing content that you may or may not be familiar with. A fair amount of group oriented and PvP focused content did not get ported but story content is fairly intact.

2.) Population people can speculate on that all day since some people use the funcom client vs steam and all we really have is steam chart data. A good estimate is at least double what you see on steam charts. Or if I were to give it a ballpark number 200-300 players online on average.

3.) Endgame is good and it seems as far as updates go that is there focus but due to population you you won’t find much through random queing. It’s recommended that joining a cabal is the best route as most endgame content is organized within cabals. Another important note is that the gear grind is a bit more intense then it was in TSW. Depending on what your defenition of endgame is it could take several months to reach it unless you have a lot of time or deep pockets.

4.) General leveling is easier at least for story content. Beyond the story there is a tier system based on item power which now ranges from elite 1 - 17. It is a fairly long journey but I would say simplified compared to TSW.

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Hmm so if i completed the story in TSW is it worth playing SWL? i am just trying to decide if the game is worth starting now in its current state.

If you complete everything in TSW including Tokyo then there is about 6-12 hours of additional story content in South Africa that you can play. As far as worth or value the game is free so it’s more a question of time then anything. Also if you have played 95% of the story already in TSW then I would say the question is whether you find enjoyment in playing group content with the community and that is something you would have to decide. For example I’m ok with casually logging In and running a few dungeons or whatever and have little expectation on frequent updates and am not really worried if some nights are quiet with little activity.

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I see, well thanks a lot for info :slight_smile:

Oh okay.

did it in 3 hours, with a few deaths

I was being generous. If we’re talking speed runs I think I could beat yours at around 2 hours.

Unfortunetaly no, that was my original run.

Yeah I was about the same but If i took my time and really immersed into the story I could definitely see someone stretch it out. I just never really spent much time reading all the lore in this game. Skip all cutscenes etc.

I started playing again and i am having a blast, still in Kingsmouth tho :slight_smile:


Kingsmouth is still my favourite location. I like the atmosphere and the mix of characters.

I’d say the big main difference for story mode, aside from the added South Africa content, is the removal of AEGIS in Kaidan.

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