Questions from a returning player

Hey guys, I’m an old player, returning after a long time, since before TSWL was even a thing, and I have a few questions, if anyone would like to help me out? I loved the atmosphere and story to this game, and those juicy, juicy investigation quests, but I do have some doubts.

First of all, I’ve heard a lot of people saying TSW is better than TSWL, what exactly is the difference? My understanding is that TSWL is just TSW with more bells and whistles? What exactly makes TSW better?

Secondly, how is the endgame and boss design? As somebody who’s currently choosing between this and FFXIV, can the bosses hold up, or are they mostly just tank and spank?

Finally, is there any chance that the animations and whatnot might get worked on? They feel and look so damn “floaty”, like none of the hits are at all connecting…

Thanks a bunch!

Maybe start with one of the existing threads on the subject?

I’m more asking about improvements to animations to come in the future, why people seem to believe TSW is better and boss design and mechanics. I’m aware that they streamlined a lot.

Really depends on what you want out of a system. If you want complexity to the point it makes your head spin, then TSW is your game. If you want more dynamic and accessible systems, that’s in SWL.

I vastly prefer the latter. But I’m in the minority. That said, some of the ‘TSW is better, period’ crowd has some serious case of the Nostalgia Blindness going on.

In the end, I say go check it out for yourself. If it’s not for you, you can always stop.

It is a game, after all.

The boss mechanics in dungeons are virtually identical to TSW, but improved in spots. A few differences, the main one being it’s very rarely possible to skip mechanics now. Some bosses that were much more tank and spank in TSW now have more things to deal with or have their mechanics enforced. On the whole, IMO, SWL’s dungeons are more challenging.

Many animations were already changed between TSW and SWL, so it’s unlikely they will be changed again.

As Star said, animations are unlikely to get changed again. I never understood many the criticisms in the first place but I’m aware that they’re as old as the original game. Boss mechanics are largely unchanged but it’s harder to skip them with raw dps at higher elite levels.

As for why some people prefer TSW over SWL, take your pick. A more complex (but at the same time more cookie cutter) ability system, less gear grind, more PvP content, more end-game PvE content…

SWL is more focused on story than end-game group content. And of course all of it is free.

IMO, they both have different strengths and weaknesses, but only one of them has a future.

I sorta get it, TSW’s animations were kinda no-frills so they jazzed it up with a bunch of extra start/finish animations around the attacks and cranking up the flashiness of attack effects. (and the hideous start/stop sprinting) not likely they’ll redo them a second time though.

If we compare TSW and SWL like this, its pretty accurate.
TSW is Audi, SWL is Skoda. Made by same corporation, basicly same parts, but Skoda aint Audi.