Is this the same as The Secret World?


Hi guys, i used to play the secret world some time ago and own the game, is this the same game now gone free to play, or is it a seperate entity in it’s own right? Many thanks in advance.


It’s the same storyline with revamped mechanics, and now the addition of a new story Dawn of the Morning Light


The Story is the same (with Season 2 JUST launched this past Wednesday!) but many of the mechanics, especially the Combat mechanics have been seriously changed. The idea is to make it more ‘Action-y’ and faster paced. Mostly they succeeded in that, at least to a degree. They also removed a LOT of the complexity from Skills, removed Aux. Weapons completely, and added the Agent System (which gives you a network of minions to do your bidding for fun and profit).


Ok many thanks for the quick answers guys! Looking forward to trying out the new combat mechanics for sure, always found the game awesome in terms of lore and story, but the combat was very clunky lol.


Also another dumb question perhaps, but people that bought the game, do they get any perks/items? now it’s f2p? Thanks.


If you bought TSW, check this for details: Provided your TSW copy was “in good standing”, you can get your TSW clothing and pets and whatnot copied to SWL. You’ll need to sign into the SWL account webpage with your TSW credentials to do it.


Thankyou for the reply, yeah i have succesfully transferred over my items, so thats awesome! :+1:


Coming from TSW especially you will probably have a lot of questions about how things have changed. Check out my guide for some simple As for your Qs.


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