New Story Content Coming?



I realize it may be a ways off but mostly I’m just curious if new story content is being worked on, I don’t even need an ETA - just want to know if season 2 will continue or not.


There might be a bit of a difference in “being worked on” and “will continue”. Their focus has always been on story, so i am sure they will continue it for as long as they can. Since it is a small team, I assume they mostly work on one thing at a time however. Recently that was Dark Agartha, right now, im sure they are working on getting Winter Event ready. I believe they are trying to split their focus between Story and End Game content, as both are important to the game as a whole. Whenever they are happy with applying new End Game content, im sure they will come back around to the Story =).


This is what would interest me too, but after various mentions from new SWL boss I am far less optimistic it will be next year as it looks like after SA release. He seems to be more focused on more frequent updates - which is good - but due to resources, it looks like more some unfinished stuff/stories from old zones and stuff still msssing in SWL from TSW.


Brace yourself.
Content is Coming…






congo? what about it? is there any news about it?


That’s my hope I’d just like someone there to confirm or at least give me an eye wink.


If I had to bet, I would say that they’d start hinting at the next game update near the end of the Winter event, like how they did with Dark Agartha near the end of Samhain.

However, I don’t know if it’ll be continuation of the main story or not.


Honestly? I hope the teased next story content is still over a year away. There’s just no way the too-small team that delivered New Dawn can pull off a zone that actually conveys the vastness of unexplored wilderness I’d expect wherever all those creatures in the Kaidan docks had shipped from by spring 2019.


just as a side note, only because they have a longer time to do it, doesn’t mean they will actually make a new bigger zone.


If I remember, in april they were discussing about the zone’s size and she depend of content and numbers of missions (the last tilty’s interview).


And since that time, they lost at least one dev (Tilty himself).