Where is the story?

I’ve been playing TSW since it came out, and been a huge fan ever since. What drove me to play was mostly the story. As far i can tell there is no equal MMO to TSWL. I stopped playing however a while after finishing the new area, i guess it got too grindy.
Now i am just waiting for a new chapter to start, new exciting story and enemies. But it doesn’t feel like Funcom is focusing much on this game anymore:/
Is it just me?

I would hate to see it go down and loose players. Anyone know of any future content that i haven’t picked up on?


Don’t hold your breath waiting.
Everything points to SWL currently being in a de facto maintenance mode, with only minor stuff getting added.


There’s two potential explanations, which you feel is more likely is up to you, it’s a bit of a glass half full/empty situation.

First, the devs are working on new stuff, but can’t openly say so yet. Maybe something new will come with the anniversary next month.

Second, the devs are not working on new stuff, but aren’t saying so. Nothing new will happen any time soon.

Either way, we won’t really know for sure until FC makes an announcement. Personally, I prefer optimism to pessimism, but to each their own.


Dont spread rumor that wont help anyone solve any problema
It is not maintenance mode so far I could tell because devs are really working on at least ingame petition solve,I personaly experienced that they solved me the problema within 1 hour.
They just,maybe have limited resource and Manpower to make mayor stuff update,and after all,I dont want any new story in the near future because that may just kill SWL
reason is easy,story is time/energy/manpowe comsuming,and minimal income generating/player hang on efficiency.Many ppl done all misiones in 1 day and quite when SA luanch,and blame its a unpolished update and the game is bad etc. Thus funcom wasted lots of resource on that and these resource can do many interesting,useful and income efficiency stuff if not wasted on story
On long term,any story driven mmo which not back up by a studio which willing to throw lots resource into it wont success,so in short term I agree with that funcom change their tactic make some more cosmetic/events/grind stuffs to hang on player/atract news/generate income,and at one point that SWL generate enough income funcom may consider it worth again more investigation and make us real good story update.
Just be positive and be patient,and stop moaning every day that how tsw is good,swl is a shadow of the past etc. You cant change nothing by doing that only make new players feel bad and eventualy left.Tbh,some of those veterans,unhappy ones,are actualy the mayor problema which doomed SWL.

They did not make any previous notice when DA coming,so…I think it is normal.
And the aniversary event would be fun
And we dont know what they are planning in the another half of the year

While not much new story, there has been new stuff. Generally there isnt much news of what is in the pipeline, til it is almost ready to patch in.

As AWOL said, we dont know, but I also take it as ‘they are busy working on stuff’. Not nessesarily story though.

Developers should not be working on ingame petitions, that’s the job of the GMs. If the devs really are fixing simple petitions then that’s not a good thing.

There were various teasers for new content, even if they didn’t come straight out and say “we’re working on this new content”, and so far we’ve got nothing close to teasers.


well yes,I mean GMs
I mean,the support is not dead as somebody claimed…

About teaser…I mean about financial report
last year DA and other stuff also not incluided by the financial report did they?
So there is hope that more stuff Will come up other than the aniversary event before the summer though

Source: http://cdn.funcom.com/investor/2019/Funcom_1Q19_Report_254297.pdf

So we’ve got SH group, and the next advertised event in the financial report is the Anniversary event. DA was teased in 2018 with something somewhere mentioning repeatable content (I can’t remember where and I’ve not had enough coffee yet), but that was it (before the actual specific DA promotion began).
Apologies for the quality of the pic, screenshotting a pdf doesn’t work wonderfully!

From the 2019 1Q report:

Revenue from the onlinegames are expected to slowly decline over time due to theirageing. However, Funcom will continue to launch events and content releases to spur periods of growth

So the intention is to still do events and content, but the timescale isn’t mentioned.

Friendly reminder to take quarterly reports with a grain of salt. No report under the sun will ever come out and say ‘we can’t revitalize this game so we’r throwing the towel’ to its stakeholders. Those quoted lines are pretty standard cushioning and damage control.

It isn’t explicitly stated this is intended to include SWL. For all we know, it might be in a group with AoC and AO - i.e. some events, yes, but major content updates, no. The latter might well be reserved for CE and Mutant: Year Zero at this stage. Just saying ‘online games’ is a convenient way of not actually saying anything at all.

I mean, the sad truth is, even if SWL had twice the number of developers still working on it, a convincing large jungle zone for Congo would probably still be a TSW Tokyo timescales project. So how likely does it seem it’ll actually happen?

And yet, this is Funcom. So even if they had figured out a clever way to adapt AoC jungle resources thanks to shared game engine in such a way they can deliver a huge Congo by fall, they probably wouldn’t talk about it. After all, not communicating was the only lesson Funcom ever seemed to learn from backlask caused by poorly communicating.

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If there is any intended SWL in-game link to Moons of Madness, that’s coming for halloween. I remain optimistic, but I won’t be holding my breath :wink:

I guess we will just have to wait and hope that some small team is still working it;) Would be great to have the story continue, i know they had plans back in the TSW days for a lot more issues.

It makes no business sense to say “Hey we’re putting this game on maintenance mode”. I would be surprised if Funcom or any studio ever said that about any game.

If you read the rest of the annual report, you will find that their NC studio is working on a co-op shooter, and there are plans in the works for a Dune-based MMO (location of devs not specified). My take on that is that I won’t hold my breath nor hope for any content or communication on the SWL side.

Looks like Conan Unconquered the RTS game is going to be launched on the 30th, so that may well be taking up additional resources before launch.

That would only take Marketing / Community Manager time most likely, since Funcom is not developing the game.


They have. The Q4 2016 report announced that “no further significant work is expected to be done” on both Anarchy Online and Age of Conan. They later backpedaled on that, of course, but they were actually stupid enough to say it.

http://cdn.funcom.com/investor/2017/Funcom_4Q16_Report.pdf (page 3)

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Frankly, I expect the next bit (emphasis on bit) of story content to be in the next iteration of Secret World.

Secret World Eternal?