It was the end of the world as we knew it

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes…

March 28, 2018 marks the first anniversary of the end of the Secret World as we knew it. A year ago today, Funcom announced that The Secret World would be put into maintenance mode and relaunched as Secret World Legends.

In the past year, we’ve seen plenty of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and eventually acceptance.

I for one still mourn the loss of friends I’ve left behind. And I hope to see them again in the future.

And I still mourn the characters I’ve left behind. They represent five years of my life. I can still visit them, but their world is not the same. Not anymore.

But I’m also hopeful. Hopeful for the future. It might not be as big or as bright as we hoped for. But I am looking forward to it. And maybe, just maybe, Season 2 will bring back some of those friends I’ve left behind.

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes…

A year ago feels like a lifetime to me sometimes.

How do you feel about it? How do you feel about the future of this Secret World?

I’m genuinely curious.



Its been a year already?

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And I feel fine.

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I’m young, I still believe in victory. I may look like I’m not serious…I am very serious. But if we can no longer have fun, if we cannot take joy in life, they have won. Come, boss! Dance!


I think revamping TSW into Legends was a good and sound plan. TSW was not going to make it as it was. The new designs for Legends removes the complexities of learning to theory craft and allows for the simple pleasures of playing the game.


If you can say that with a straight face, I weep for the future of gaming.


I don’t know. I don’t like to make predictions. They tend to come and bite me.
That said.
I feel a lot more secure about the future then before the relaunch. But then again, I’m an odd case; a veteran of three years TSW who thinks that, despite some minor points, SWL is a vast improvement.

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Remind me how many zones beyond Tokyo we actually got in TSW? :v:

Lol, I weep for the future of melodramatic overreactions.


Sounds like a future where we’d never get past Kaidan, if the game would be even alive. I don’t feel too bad about letting that future go.


Unwell. According to what Bunker Guy said in 2013, these 3 hours of story are now 4.5 years late.


Endings are beginnings, changes. Any change is better than being stagnant, which is what TSW reached. I’m still not convinced a full wipe and relaunch was required, but for the first time in years we have new story content on the way. Also, I did enjoy replaying through the game again and it didn’t take too long to reach the Penthouse; even if it did, it would feel weird to claim resentment for replaying a game I love. So I’m trying to look forward and be positive about the future, rather than re-hash old grievances. I hope that people who left will return for Season 2 and new people will come in. We’re still at a beginning here, it will take a while for the game to get back up to speed but if they produce content as good as the game so far, I’m sure we’ll get there.


Wtf is that logic? TSW had monthly updates after release, we got 7 issues within the first year. What was the addition since SWL release? 1 kaidan lair and we’re still missing content from TSW… SWL will never reach the potential TSW once had. It’s just a smaller project.

Then we had kaidan with a lot of content but they said that making an urban area was a mistake because it takes a lot of time to build and they probably shouldn’t have.


TSW isn’t getting any more updates, SWL is. Seems pretty cast-iron to me.

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I’m pretty sure the person above was aware of that so I think you got the context wrong.

I feel that while a relaunch may have been the right idea, SWL seems to me like a rather wrong execution.

On a very high level, there’s this “shared-map action RPG marketing” vs. “MMO reality” identity crisis that to me seems most evident in the gear system and it’s monetization, which seem squarely aimed at ‘must get red 70’ MMO whales rather than shared-world ARPGers (probably better catered to with traditional ‘ooh, new shiny, put on and try out’ boxes).

Combine that with what I consider plenty of other issues including massively botched communications (if Funcom had been forward about what TSW supporters will be getting in the new world on day one, tempers surely would have never flared as high), completely cutting out a segment of the player base (lack of proper PvP), the butchering of Kaidan (removing the AEGIS mechanic while keeping it part of the story, which presumably is the root cause for the missing dungeons), missed opportunities (SD and the cutting out of faction missions prove it actually is possible to massively restructure story missions and their sequence, so why haven’t the early ones been made repeatable?) and flat out bad calls (the new Hexcoin bags effectively dis-, rather than _en_couraging repeat buys), I’m honestly a bit surprised we ever even got as far as seeing South Africa.

I’ll be even more surprised should this actually be followed up with regular content updates; I for one expect that now that the promise of new content has been delivered upon, we’ll be right back to Perpetual Soon - Now Legends-dary! in no time.


Sure… content they’d already pretty much had ready during development to roll out regularly to encourage the subscriptions to stay active. SWL got those 7 issues immediately.

The content that needed work (kaiden) took forever.

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It’s possible that they had the first few issues (1-4) almost ready but they were trying to rush the latter issues and were quite late off schedule (they couldn’t even keep up with the advertised monthly rate). So highly doubtful.

Wow! Amazing? Should we congratulate SWL for having missions they already made years ago “immediately”? Too bad they missed 2 raids, 5 dungeons, 3 battlegrounds and kaidan for the release.

Yes, and that’s worrysome if we consider that the current team of SWL is way smaller than the TSW team from back then. We can’t expect them to have the production power of TSW (which was already slow by the end).


What context? TSW has zero potential because it’s getting no further updates. SWL has potential because it’s getting updates.

We don’t actually know how big either team was at any given point in time though, do we? Beyond “they probably had a big team working on TSW pre-launch” that is.

I don’t think they disclosed exact numbers but we know that they had to lay off half of the team after TSW launch due to revenues being lower than expected, they often said that they were decreasing the team size to match the revenues, IIRC some GM’s got promoted to replace devs who left before SWL relaunch, after SWL, they kept reducing the team size and it will accelerate after the release of the season2 (they will work on the new game for which the full production starts in 3Q2018).

I feel kind of stupid saying this, but I admit I felt like I went through those five stages of grief after the relaunch announcement. I know, I know, it’s just a game. I wasn’t even a big veteran player or a fixture in the endgame community, I didn’t have 5 years of memories and comrades and all that.

And still…I hung out in #Sanctuary, I posted on the forums and the TSW sub on Reddit, followed RPers on Twitter, joined various Discords. I felt like part of the community; a tight-knit, strange, argumentative, but ultimately welcoming community. So when the relaunch was announced I was buffeted and thrown about by the same storm of emotions as everyone else.

I didn’t know how to get a hold of that emotion so I wrote and wrote, long rants and screeds, and wrote replies to other’s long rants and screeds. For me the mania over the death of TSW hit a fever point as I tried to divine the future, to find an answer to the question “Would SWL be successful?” I scoured archived Streams and forum posts, delved into Funcom financial reports, went full crazy-wall-board obsessed for a time. The result was a good five-thousand word article talking about TSW’s past, present and future. When I tried to get my friends to read my research, they politely let me know I was becoming a crazy person. Looking around on the forums, seeing other players just howling and rending their proverbial clothes, made me realize maybe the last thing anyone needed was yet another multi-page post detailing and recounting my feelings of betrayal and my personal vision for the relaunch. So I shelved the whole project, went and played some other games for a few months, and came back to SWL at launch.

From the grips of that madness the only salient points I really discovered were that a lot of people signed up for and played the TSW beta, but almost none of them stuck around. The reasons for this were many, and thoroughly detailed and examined elsewhere. The gist of it is, TSW had many problems, some fixable and some unfixable. While Funcom attempted to change things up, repair the game’s reputation and draw new people, time and again they only managed to just keep going but never succeed enough to really shine. Hence, the relaunch.

Whether you think it is good or bad I contend that the relaunch succeeded in its aims. While it did alienate TSW players, it also brought new and old people in, it made the company money, it made people reevaluate the game, and it greenlit the creation of the fabled Season 2 content.

As a player, I wonder will Season 2 stuff be up to previous quality? Will it be fun? Will it bring people back and entice them to stay?
As always the question still remains, will there be more? Just about every game has to walk the same balance these days, between releasing content and the cost of making it. The latest investor report has those ominous words about this being the “last” major release for SWL.

Again looking back I feel a bit silly thinking about how the emotions the relaunch announcement awoke in me. It saddens me that TSW could not continue and that the community had to lose so many unique and interesting people. But between the choice of SWL or an ever dwindling TSW, well, there is no choice. And the relaunch answered a lot of criticisms of TSW, though not without generating new criticisms as well.

Was it all worth it though? All the heartache and the labor? That is a question the devs are asking themselves as well. I hope Season 2 and beyond are able to answer satisfactorily, and there continues to be this strange, argumentative but ultimately welcoming community.