Poll: What ONE thing would increase your activity in SWL?

  • New Zone/Mission Pack (4-8 Missions)
  • New/Returning Dungeons
  • New/Returning Raid
  • PvP Battleground (Fusang/Eldorado/Stonehenge)
  • Total Weapon/Gear Re-balance

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Please vote for the ONE item that would increase your activity in the game the most.

With the anniversary approaching and an expected return of some players for the festivities I thought this may be a good time to address a common concern many people have with the game. NEW CONTENT. Please note that I am aware that these items vary in there level of difficulty from a development perspective and also note that this is purely a personal inquiry I can not guarantee that Funcom will take any of this data seriously.

That being said feel free to make any suggestions and please pass along to those who may not use the Funcom forums. Thank-you for taking the time to vote!

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I know I’m not the only one in this pool of players. I just want them to share the rest of the story they have. :frowning:


personally, I would like each choice at the same time. But to choose, the raids (and dungeons) old or new one are what makes me want to do it the most.


Like Morion I would have almost everything checked, but if you have to choose one, I’ll take the dungeons (MFA and MFB too !!! )


Looking forward to these new dungeons


Naaaaah Raid first because, it’s more fun to learn team strategies of 10 or more ppl for group content


Fair point. I expected it to be a close vote between dungeons and story. Story for me is very short term content even though I guess I’ve done SA missions for over a year now lol.

I could’ve voted for any of these equally…

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The raids have a cd of a week, the dungeons are repeatable to infinity, that’s what guided my choice! ^^


nope, the Raid don’t have CD… Only the loot. But who need new gears now? We need more abilities :stuck_out_tongue:


Bringing back all the dungeons or raids we all know and love, or throwing in some new missions or content would be a blast and I doubt anyone would be bummed. I’m also guessing there is not a single KSR user who will check that last box. (smile) But… (there’s always a big but) in a relatively short amount of time, these same cries will be heard all over again! We will have ground our faces off, and become bored with any more (new or old) ‘static’ game content. We’ll be longing for more, as there are only so many ways you can do and do and do again.


Fusang, El Dorado and Stonehenge are the absolute best! I will never understand the reasoning behind cutting off half the player base, by omitting any ‘real’ PvP zones. (Sorry… Shambologna doesn’t count) And… by the same token, I know dozens and dozens of people who would return to the game if our PvP playgrounds were brought back.

Just a thought.


For new dungeons… how about only 3 bosses?


I could get behind that idea!

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pvp was never half the playerbase.

i loved pvp in tsw.
i love pvp in swl.
shambala is pvp is pvp is pvp.
rosenbrawl is my favorite though, highly addictive.

but it was never. ever. half the playerbase.


The harsh reality is, for there to be any hope to see an uptick in player numbers that might actually lead to more resources for continued development, the game experience needs to not suck.

As such, a total weapon/gear rebalance. And this time, let someone with a lick of sense at it, not whoever thought making seeing a cool new gear drop a horror vision in a grindfest experience that sucks by grindfest experience standards is a good idea.

EDIT: And yes, by this I do mean to imply that the best way to get me to play more is if it felt like the game was not just a mostly dead whaling op.


I’d like to avoid this turning into a PVP debate (Not gonna lie its hard not to get sucked into one for me). Personal opinion is that the current state of the game and population TYPE I’m not really referring to numbers though that may be relevant to, does not well support the idea of serious PvP. There was a reasonable large and active PvP community in TSW but to recreate that in SWL at this time in the game would be a significant challenge. If successful it would add more playtime for me then everything else combined but I prefer to be realistic on the matter.

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You know next to dungeons this was my closest choice. I think it will probably be a low result in this poll since players want results and content rather then tweaks and balances but it is something that has latched onto the game since the beginning and really should be addressed otherwise that weight just carries on into new content. It is not uncommon for me to still see many players get discouraged by not needing to heal or certain weapons performing poorly.

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Okay? Soooo… don’t bring back Fusang, Stonehenge and El Dorado?

The game was PvE and PvP, right? My circle of friends had far more of the latter category.
They ditched half of that equation despite keeping Shambologna but without the reason anyone did it.
And as evidence… even reducing that 73 second cluster to 5-man teams isn’t helping pop a que

I’m not sure I understand the point? Was it my reference to ‘half?’


I think Kinii has a point. For instance, I was never what one would consider a pvp’er in TSW, but I participated in Fusang and Shambala occasionally. And though PvP not really existing was not a deal-breaker for me, I can see how others might quit playing.

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New zone/missions for me. It would have to be something really impressive to entice me back though. Ideally with all the crap changes SWL brought us reversed and everything that made the original game so brilliant restored.