What NEW thing do YOU want to see added to Secret World Legends?


Hello everyone!

With the changing of the guard (see Hello! Let's take a look at the future), we would like to take a minute and ask you, the members of the community, what new things you would like to see added to Secret World Legends.

This topic is not a replacement for the existing Feedback & Suggestions topic, which we do read and will keep up on. This is an opportunity for each person to tell us what ONE thing you want to see added most of all.

Please keep things civil. We will be closing this topic in roughly a week. Thank you!

The future of PvP in SWL
Hello! Let's take a look at the future

I definitely want content that already was in TSW playable in SWL. Missing dungeons and raids is largely important and will improve my enjoyment of the game drastically when brought back.


Elite FAC/SH/HF.

Fine dungeons of Tokyo.

2 Missing raids.

Edit: Classic deck outfits (a way to increase revenue with minimal effort since they already exist). Can be faction restricted if the issue is faction logos on them.


New skill branches for existing weapons (elemental golemetry, for example) or new weapons outright, like the return of TSW’s Auxiliaries.


i would like more group content please thank you ^^
(any kind, i dont care, i trust your on the shape of it)
i just want be able to do things with friends :slight_smile:


I would love to have a weapon/skill balance pass alternetiveliy a combat revamp. The differences between weapons of choice is just too huge when going in to higher elites.


Return of the missing dungeons, raids and group scenarios from TSW but more importantly the missing PvP zones as PvP provided some of the most memorable experiences I had ever experienced in my 5 years playing TSW.


The one thing i would like to see, is the return of aux weapons and/or some other variations of an ultimate ability:)

I would also like to see some more end game content like pvp.

Edit: Come to think of it, what new thing that would make this game so much better, is a complete revamp of the combat system. Take Black Desert as an example, the combat is fun and you really feel it:)


Reward chest key cost eliminated as a way of increasing group game play.


TSW2 :star_struck:


New weapons, a Tokyo Scenario, better social/cabal tools.


Player housing. I have spent so much money decorating houses in MMOS it’s rediculous…

Other wants are longer hairstyles and boots that go up past your knees.


Thank you for this question.

An update of content such as the secret world was
Dungeon: FAC / SH / HF / MFA / MFB
Raid: Eidelon / Flappy

Balancing classes and current dungeons to make the game playable in HL

The rest of the story is also an important part of the game but you need repetitive content while waiting for the rest of the story.

Allowing dungeons to be selected in a private group will be a very good thing.

have a good farm,


Better agent artwork.


Show some love to scenarios please. I’d love to see at least new game modes. It’s one of the poorest end-game content of the game atm while it could cater for both group and solo players.


I recap my previous posts by adding new things

We want all :

  • Old content playable in TSW, the missing raid (Eidolon and Flappy), the missing Dungeon (Facility, Slauther house, Hell Fallen, Manufactory A & B), missing item for museum
  • Some new dungeon and lairs, new museum wings
  • The auxiliary weapons.
  • New signet for weapon
  • Give us an interest in our faction (exclusive missions, skirmish with npc of the enemy faction)
  • Release new content more regularly (like one or two mission / month)
  • prevent events earlier and more often
  • Make reroll share the same bank of your main character
  • Scale reward of mission with the IP like distillate of cache

A option for the private team who can choose the dungeon like the old tsw and a no automatically disband team.

For Scenario :

  • Add new map for scenario,
  • some new mode is always welcome too (it’s boring since the beginning)
  • 5 peoples, more people more fun.
  • let us choose the location of the scenario)

Abilities and skil :

  • I want new abilities for weapon, its too limited (tsw have a lot)
  • A balancing of the weapons, damage according to the times of cast and the cooldown.
  • Reuse the abilities in the old TSW wheel, Survivalism / subversion / Turbulence for more diversity.
  • Add a tsw the augment system like for spend your sp/ap in end game (200+ ap/sp stack for nothing actually

Add some pvp map too

For ergonomics (some addon give us):

  • For the AH add some features like self price and expiration checking
  • Add features in friend/cabal list like comment, role check
  • In agent system add features like fatigue gauge
  • Let the announcement make the agartha in chat looking for group accessible in all the zoned
  • Reduce the mission cds of non-subscribers.


  • Add some NM area, infernal mission difficulty like tsw in all map for more challenge.

Add more make-up, facial features, new hairstyle and beardstyle too.
Let us go in the trainning ground of your faction not only in agartha.
Maybe a housing in agartha and/or in your faction city
Decrease the AH tax
Decrease the price of the clothe, it’s too expensive compared to TSW

Open a test serveur for some players who can help the devs to detect possible bug missed par their.


raids missing dungeons and mfa mfb was great dungeons 2 missing raids and more if you can group scenarios and other types of scenarios .the group content on the game right now is to low so more group content the online game is all about playning whith friends


Again I’m asking for a friend :dog2:


Make @JacTSWK9’s dream come true!

Legendary Tales
What QoL improvement would you like to see?

as people have mentioned, missing pieces from the TSW is a good start. additionally a weekly, or monthly roadmap, looking at the current and upcoming quarter for better content / patch communication. lastly, as someone who started playing TSW JUST AFTER GrandMaster status was last shuttered, I wouldnt mind that coming back :slight_smile:


I think it would be good to see recognition for helpful players in Game to reinforce the positive attitudes within our community.

One of the most appealing aspects of this game for me is the support and appreciation others bring to the table to help our new players and keep a respectable decorum within global chats, particularly for event information, helpful chat channels and prevention of fraudulent behaviour.

That being said, I agree content is the key to enjoyment and success. It is the one true area of the game i look forward to more than anything else. Dungeons, raids and lairs are nice additions but the story and interesting concepts to arrive from the continuation of our tale helps generate lots of interest and unique ideas.

For me both of these things are the key to keeping this game alive and I think if we can achieve both then it will become something much more appealing in future to a wider audience long term.