The Secret World Classic - Seasonal Events

Whispers from the black ooze report that TSW Classic has been steadily active with a solid base of ~75 or so players still engaging in dungeon runs, pvp, raiding daily.

Funcom - what can we do to get the seasonal events that have already run in the game back running? Much of the lore and museum items require the seasonal events, and we are all pretty bummed they dont run anymore.

We love the classic version of the game, and understand there wont be ‘new’ content coming, but it would be awesome if we could continue to enjoy what was already created.

What are the chances of that? Thoughts?


This is something that people have asked for since SWL went live, and the answer was basically no, and that SWL was going to be getting the events and updates from then on.

So, I don’t think there is anything that you can do to get TSW’s events reactivated. Funcom isn’t interested in driving people towards TSW any more, they want people playing SWL.

Very interested player here !
When I first joined the game some seven years ago, I was not playing much mmo. I played from time to time, mostly alone and I was having a great deal of fun.
But I quite missed the MMO part and by the time I reach the end-game, and learned to enjoy spending some time with the community, it was already too late to experience any seasonal event. So I’m quite curious about those events as it’s a part of the secret world I never had the chance to run through !

Sorry for my English, not writing my mother tongue here è_è
Cheers !

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Bumping for publicity, if enough traction is gained, we can do this. Please tell us, GMs what we need to do to get this going.

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One of those active classic players. I’ll be frank, I don’t have high hopes for this. But my god do I want it. So let me try speaking the universal language, money. I don’t like SWL. I do not intend to ever spend any amount of money on SWL under any circumstance. It’s simply a matter of its design direction. But I’m a huge fan of TSW classic and I’ve dumped a hefty amount of money into it. Were Funcom to do this, which again I think is a million to one shot, I would feel that even our tiny voice was worth listening to and I will feel so much better on continuing to purchase Funcom points and renew my monthly membership despite the game not receiving any new content. That is all, love you FC. Hope you do the right thing here.


That would be awesome :slight_smile:

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TSW has the best thing already. We, who still play it :wink:
But I do like to see best bits of Super-Hel… if you know what I mean… nudge nudge wink wink

I understand the desire not to drive people to TSW, or to develop new content. But it seems that loading the previous events (which let us complete Lore and Museum items) allows us to enjoy the brilliant game that was created.

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Hi please bring back events. I need the event drops to finish my museum so I can get the doppelganger gadget and finally beat elite Polaris. Thank you - Zodd.

Also the fact there are still people paying for subscriptions in TSW even after all this time should be enough to tell funcom that people still want TSW. I have run into dozens of people that started SWL only to buy a old TSW copy and eventually play that instead.


Dear Funcom,

at the classic TSW, there are currently a large number of players who form a relatively cohesive community. They are the players of your game. We appreciate the interesting and at the same time very demanding mechanics of the game. We like the variability of the skill system, which makes TSW original and pioneering. For many years, we have been in love with the design of missions, dungeons, raids and stories that are unparalleled in any other game. We are your most loyal.
You have a very good chance of making your most faithful happy.
Please deal with us …

in game since 2012

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You don’t need the events to enjoy TSW, otherwise people wouldn’t still be playing it. Finishing the museum in TSW was always just about completionism, it was never actually necessary for anything.

The official line has always been that TSW’s done now, and isn’t getting anything anymore. There’s no massive change in numbers of people playing it, no change in circumstances, nothing that would alter that situation. Why would Funcom bother to change their position?

Nope, that’d be the people who’ve been playing Anarchy Online for 19 years, or Age of Conan for almost 12.

They won’t bring back events on TSW because it would be an admission of failure for SWL and thus a very bad signal to Funcom investors.

The only solution for them to restore player confidence would be to release a sequel to TSW (not SWL) with a new big zone, the old nexus and system combat, and the possibility of recovering characters/progression. I will highly recommend to them a graphical improvement and a strong character customization also.

A sequel to either would really be a sequel to both. The story of the two games is almost the same, SWL has an extra chapter and TSW a few extra bits, but the overall story is exactly the same.

If you used the old TSW combat system though, it’d fail - whilst the ability wheel was popular with many, it was unpopular with far more. If they were going to create a sequel at all, it wouldn’t make sense to be able to recover characters and progression, because that’s not a sequel, that’s an expansion. As they’ve repeatedly said, TSW isn’t going to get any more development, so it’s not going to get an expansion. The chances of SWL getting a major expansion don’t look good either.

Another game that’s set in the secret world universe is possible - there are already multiple titles using the ip, and Moons of Madness seems to have done pretty well, showing that the ip still has plenty of potential. However, given the amount of money that MMOs take to develop, it’d be a risky move. If their new Dune game is a massive success, then it’s possible that Funcom might be up for trying it, but that’d be a long long way off.

I dont know what its like in SWL but the only way to beat elite Polaris is to be completely 11/11 nm gear with 100% museum completion.

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Yes, all those investors will sell their stock once they find out that Funcom reactivated a golem/anniversay event in tsw. It’ll be on page 6 of wall street journal.


Didn’t Tencent already buy all the Funcom stock?

Forget the investors. What kind of message would it send to the players who have loyally supported the relaunch if TSW suddenly got active events again, some of which have yet to make their way to SWL?

I dont get how players who arent even playing the games feelings would really be a factor. Again, these arent new events, they are already developed…

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Look Its like WoW. A part of the player base wanted the classic WoW back and when Blizzard finally brought it back it didn’t make a ton of money, huge amount of people didn’t come back, and investors were very unhappy. Just keep the servers up, since they sold a life time membership, and don’t try to appeal to this audience or reengage the people they lost… Investors love that.


Right - they could literally sell a new subscript just for the events…make money off assets they already have developed. Add the seasonal items back to the item store… service the people that are consuming your product.

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