The Secret World Classic - Seasonal Events

LMAO. Yeah, activating events in TSW is going to bring back thousands of players who didn’t like the game enough when they could do them to stick around.

I really don’t know why you’re even talking about investors. Funcom’s been bought by Tencent for above market value, purely for access to Dune. They don’t care about the secret world. Funcom could close all their other games tomorrow and Tencent wouldn’t blink.

As a regular TSW player since 2012 I would love to get the events back. I really enjoyed doing the event missions as well as the event bosses and would love to get them back

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I agree, these people playing TSW, I mean You think you do, but you dont. Im sure Funcom and by extension Tencent (who im pretty sure has had a huge stake WoW for a while) will bring to the table the same determination to produce timely content and longterm planning they put into TSW and SWL into the Dune franchise as well. I cant wait :smiley:

All I want is to finish my museum so I can finally beat elite Polaris. But its impossible :frowning:

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Again - this is not about bringing back / new players. This is about servicing those who are currently playing and letting us enjoy the content =)

The announcement was made years ago that there would be no further content or events in TSW. That hasn’t changed.

You made an informed decision to play a game where you knew that you would no longer be able to access all of the seasonal content.

I think we completely get your position AWOL. Thanks for sharing. I am still asking the question hoping someone from Funcom picks it up =)

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So unpopular there were more people playing with a subscription on TSW than people playing freely on SWL…

However, Funcom annoucements should be taken with a grain of salt. I can say that from experience. And even if I don’t believe they will bring back events on TSW, you never know :man_shrugging:


It does no harm in asking. We could do absolutely nothing, and continue not having events as things currently stand, or we can take a shot in the dark and say we at least tried. Either way the result is the same, but this way we can’t say we’ll never know. And I think that’s worth respecting.

that being said please add events funcom :slight_smile:


As much as I’d love to see events return in TSW, would there be enough people still playing the game to be able to take on the anniversary golems without wiping repeatedly?

Remember current people in TSW are able to defeat NM NYR with a 5-players group. An anniversary golem? Easy ride.

I love TSW classic and only started playing after SWL launched, so I missed out on all the awesome event stuff that was made. I’ve talked to a lot of people in game, and there’s a lot of us that are holding off paying for subscription or buying funcom points, but would start paying again if events were to come back on. If the contents already made, how much would it cost them to turn them back on? Surely its just like turning on a switch or something.
Anyways, love the game, play it everyday, would love to see events turned on.




As a person who has bought not one but two grandmaster accounts and given multiple copies of the game as gifts I would love to see the old events come back. I am not asking for new stuff just let us get what we already paid for.

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Yes, that’s exactly it. Flick it if you dare :slight_smile:


It’s rarely that simple

The question is: What would it take to bring events back into TSW?

This is a question that needs answering by Funcom. This is the entire reason for showing our support for TSW here. The more of us that post, the more weight this question has.

If Funcom cares enough about their player base to engage the TSW community, they will answer the question.

HyperSpeed- present and accounted for.



I don’t understand why people come in giving excuses for Funcom not activating tsw events. Let tsw players come and ask what they want. They clearly on a mission. I see every same player giving excuses for Funcom and don’t work for Funcom.

That argument to not work at funcom also goes in reverse:
Always the same people coming out to claim how easy something is. “Just the flick of a switch”
And how they could have done everything better than funcom.

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As an active player of TSW classic, who has tried SWL and couldn’t stand it (since the ability wheel and it’s never ending combination of new builds to try wasn’t present), I would LOVE to see the TSW events come back. If for nothing more than to see that Funcom actually cares about their players, even if it’s for a game that we know won’t get any NEW content.

We still love TSW and with all of it’s features (and flaws) and we still play it for that reason. We know this is a shot in the dark, but that’s not going to stop us from at least trying.

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This thread is all asking nicely what can players do to get stuffs, Except peoples who don’t work at Funcom giving responses for Funcom to those questions. Then those nice peoples respond to players answering for Funcom. It always starts with players who don’t work with Funcom answering for Funcom.