What can we do to boost interest in SWL

Hello fellow players and community!

We need to step up and unite to make SWL more popular than ever.
Funcom should feel the love and invest in our favorite game.

The more we play, the more we invite friends, the more we promote this game, the more likely it is that the game survive.

Feel free to post ideas on what we can do to promote it or make it more alive than ever!

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If Funcom isn’t interested enough for the titular Game Director to even post on their official fourms in eight months, why is the onus on the community? If they can’t be bothered to even make a nod at something new for the games Anniversary, besides a t shirt with a 2 on it, why again is the onus in the community? It’s hard to want to suggest the game to players, when the deafening, damning silence echoes in the same way the launch of SWL did.


Us as players? Nothing. It’s up to Funcom and they’ve shown us exactly how interested they are.

Don’t believe me? Check this out.


AndyB is the community manager, not the lead designer. So, he is probably as much disillusioned as we are all about the low amount of efforts and resources put into it. (And he probably know how weak is the team that works on the project).

If your boss doesn’t give a damn about your beloved baby (and source of income), what can you do… (Maybe that’s why Tilty left…)

But let’s be honest : if Funcom direction see that they are sitting on a gold mine, they would put much more effort on it. And that’s exactly why I try to encourage people to participate.


I think Pyre is talking about Nirvelle. But as far as I know, he never inherited the title of Game Director after Tilty left. He’s still the Lead Designer. But even as such he’s been radio silent since the April Fools update.

He (Nirvelle) has been in the past referred to as taking over the helm with Tilty’s leaving- including in interviews with Beyond the Veil. If you look up his profile (https://forums.funcom.com/u/nirvelle/summary), while it says “Last Post Jan 14,” all activity has a last post of November, 2018.

So he’s been radio silent far longer than the April Fools update.

It’s a risk vs reward discussion. Is SWL a potential goldmine? Sure, it offers a unique experience that I have been unable the find anywhere else in a multiplayer game (and believe me I tried). But there is a lot of risk involved because it is a niche game and the development has a lot to live up to. Funcom are not risk takers anymore and I can’t really blame them for that since they dug themselves out of a very deep hole financially. Will they change back to there creative selves one day? Maybe but I think they are more interested and in playing it safe for now.


That was the entire point because he would obviously know more than we do and if he’s that down about it then the reality is just as bad as we all assume it is. It’s just rare to see him voice anything about the topic given how tight lipped FC generally is.

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I don’t believe they’ve been silent. I think we’ve gotten a reasonable amount of content considering the size of our community. We got about 300 active core players. Doubling this or tripling this would be ideal.

Hopefully, epic keys will generate some more revenue for them. If… they come out with a newer new cache, that could be ideal for the purchase of epic keys.

Advertising, is paramount. Funcom needs a more aggressive social media presence for SWL. They need to double what they are doing. I’m getting Twitter stuff weekly sometimes daily… they are doing stuff. Perhaps, we also need to share more of what they send. Even videos of us opening caches ect… micro videos. Most people don’t have time to watch a whole stream. Break it up… make 3-5 minute sections of highlights and fun stuff and kill Facebook and YouTube with them. Szalor is making great videos. We need funny community stories to surface. I watch videos of Graham Norton show… all 5 minute clips. They’re great. Do this…

I also believe that we can do more promote : twitter, facebook, twitch, …

If investors want to forget a little SWL, it’s their right, and it’s also mine not to want them to forget it and make noise around me. Anyway, for a player who starts, there are many things to do. This game has fascinated and fascinated us for many months, even if now we are waiting for new things, so there is no reason why other people do not discover the richness of SWL, even if Funcom is too quiet now.

And I also believe that the more the game sees a new arrival of new players, the more likely it is that investors say to themselves: "Hey, but SWL is still making money after 7 years, we need to 'still improve for several years!

Unfortunately “potential goldmine” and “niche game” do not cope very well together, that IMO has been TSW/SWL problem from the start.
It being such a niche game (along with the awesome community) is also the reason why me and you and many others love the game so much and we cannot find another one to migrate to.

He was active on discord up until the week after the April Fools update.

Wait, Your saying: “Make lootboxes great again”? Joke aside.
But honestly making Costumer service good again will be a start…

Sadly i heard them mention “new content” for the Anniversary weeks before…
yet all new i saw was: a shirt with a “2” on it instead of the “1” from last year, a Epic cache key and another Agent “Surprise Box”

When you hear “New Content” what do you think of New Missions. or old things from TSW, but not present in Legends so it will be new to the new Crowd?.

We have a list of: New old Content

Hell Fallen (Elite)
The Facility (Elite)
The Slaughterhouse (Elite)

The Manufactory (Normal+Elite) Aegis?
Manufactory Breached (Normal+Elite) Aegis?
Penthouse (Elite)

Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen (Flappy)

Auxiliary Weapons:
Rocket Launcher :bow_and_arrow:
Whip :crossed_swords:
Quantum bracelet :sparkles:
Chainsaw :crossed_swords:
Flamethrower :bow_and_arrow:

Side Missions:
Five Ways to Kill a Man
The Fedora Express
Like a Ghoul to the Slaughter
Hungry Like The Wolves
The Man with the Silver Tongue
Crying Wolf

Uncertainty Principle
The Animate Clay
Just a Flesh Wound

It was I believe mentioned before that making old content work in SWL takes the same amount that making new one. Given that new-new content is the better pick as it is not only new to new players but also new to old players.
God, that’s way to many "new"s in one sentence. The truth or merit of that whole train of thought is up to the reader.

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I am still holding on hope that one day they will surprise release content or just news about new content. I think that is what SWL needs right now. What happened to all the plans they had for issues? Sounded like they had a story far into the future.

Issue 20+ if I remember correctly. For some reason 24 is what I remember most.

Yeah i remember it being 20 something as well.

That’s rather sad really, Giving the Assets: Models & Icons exists in-game as well as their alternate skins <.<
the Weapon Expertise is even active for the Temporary Rocket launchers…

New-New is better?, i beg to differ on that given that to the last 2 Content updates for me at least, was a so low point it’s deeper underground then The Anhk. that anything Legacy would have been better, even the Aegis system on it’s own (No Manufactory Dungeon/Scenario)…

If Content Issues were still a thing, I will pay for them!
But i’ll pass on any that is like the April update…

But among the Actual new Content updates we had, some of them are fitting within the style of the old Content Issues:
Issue #16: Agents of Opportunity (Free agent card inside)
Issue #17: A New Morning, a New Dawn
Issue #18: The Spanish Conquistador
Issue #19: The Druids of Avalon

Although there probably should be a more within #16 and #18. to make them more on par with the older Content Issues.

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I don’t see the Virgula Divina mission? (Templar Story Mission)

Where does that come from?! I never heard about it.

There is not a chance that porting old content from TSW into SWL takes as much work as creating new content of comparable size in SWL.
For the old content all the graphics and audio already exists. The overall design already exists. Only the mechanics would need to be adjusted for SWL - which I am sure does take some work, but hardly the same amount of work as creating the whole thing from scratch.

Unless … the “new” content doesn’t have any new graphical or audio assets but is merely reusing old ones, and have a very simple design that does not involve any new clever or creative ideas (or just reuses some old design) - then I can believe porting old content would take nearly as much work as adding new content, since such “new” content would not take very much work relatively speaking.