Will we see any new content before the Halloween event?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’d go as far to say as never again, meaning any story content. However I would expect some copy pasta of previous events with slight embellishments though.


I’ll prefer to stay optimistic in that matter. Not really my thing to do but otherwise I won’t have reason to play anymore and I’m not ready for this step yet. I still have some hopes in me.

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Not ready for this step yet

Take your time


I don’t think that we will. We’re long past the halfway mark between April Fools and Halloween, let alone Nirvelle’s goal of new content every 6-8 weeks. If not now, when?

Coincidentally, October also marks the anniversary of the last non-recycled cache. (Oni War, 10 October 2018 - 12 December 2018).


Didn’t the Anniversary event strangle what optimism that were left?

However speaking of New content it can either be:
New to and exclusive to Secret World: Legends
New Old from the Secret World, but new to Legends (there’s a big list to go trough)

It’s no surprise the roamer of a single Dev working on the game is going around…

I’ll take a few Side Missions over Agent Surprise Boxes.


I’m relatively new SWL player, one event is not enough to do that.

Also I feel like threads like this definitely need some beacon of optimism just to be there. Going in circles won’t do any good.


But “going in circles” is barely distinguishable from what “down the drain” does.


That’s what I’m looking for, some optimism. I had a pretty large supply of it for a while but I feel that it’s been finally exhausted.


I’ll offer up some optimism too \o/ I will always be optimistic and have enough to go around


If we don’t get anything until Halloween, it will have been April since we last got an update with new content. That’s six months, not just without updates but without communication about what (if anything) is being worked on. This is why my optimism is so low.

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I suspect the Kawaii Cache will come soon™

I missed it. Was it a super boss event that repeated at x intervals and gave cosmetics and limited time currency that if you farmed it regularly you could use to speed up the gear treadmill slightly?

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The problem is that without any indication from Funcom that something is coming then there will continue to be threads like this with a downbeat tone.

It clearly isn’t good for new players but for people like myself who were here at TSW launch seeing the cycle of development crawl to virtually nothing is painful. Not just that but various other actions including deleting posts or kicking people from Discord for legitimate questions/comments doesn’t inspire confidence.

I love that there are people with confidence, I hope it pays off. I just wish there was better communication from higher up, even if it was a case of telling us that they don’t have news because they don’t have the funds but walking us through what it would involve to transition dungeons from one game to another.


[citation needed] :v:

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I made the experience that peoples interpretation of “legitimate questions” is a far more expansive than the initiative of Andy to ban people or the mods to remind people to keep it civil.
Last case here on the forum was the post on the no key weekend which ran quite a while after the point of productive commentary before the leeway was used up and the same people that moderade the forum are also moderating the discord (mostly…not sure which mod is active on what platform) so I am more eager to second guess the situation that got someone banned than the moderation of the mod crew.

Which doesn’t mean I disagree with the post as a whole. I do agree that the lack of information and communication is one of the root causes that people are “tipsy”. Will they be more chill with communication? Probably. Will there be no downbeat posts? There will be some. Always were always will be.


I think that the impact of better communication would be variable.

If the devs say that something is coming down the line, then we’re all over every word they said like a flock of vultures on a fresh kill. We’ve seen with DA and OD that the doomsayers came out in force before the content went live, and the longer the gap between announcement and release, the worse that gets (just by virtue of having more time to develop the cynicism).
If they say that nothing is coming, then it’ll be shouted by everyone, and will make it harder for the remaining optimists to keep their positivity. The end-of-the-world-is-nigh players will be able to point out that this confirms their claims, and it doesn’t look good for new players.

Explaining why things like TSW dungeons aren’t being ported over won’t really help either. It will either be a case that people declare “it’s not really that hard, they’re overcomplicating it” or “that’s really easy, why hasn’t it already been done?” (or both). Even if it comes down to simple budget decisions, additional information would just be more fuel for the bonfire.

It’s a tough one. With the communication blackout between TSW and SWL, there’s an understandable precedent for the community to be wary. It doesn’t really help though, (not that unwavering optimism helps either ofc,) but it’s hard to avoid.


True. But I think a simple “something is in the works for SWL but we’re not ready to share details” from Nirvelle would go a long way.


It’d certainly make me happy!

Remembering back to “We are working on Tokyo” though, I don’t know how much positivity it’d actually create.

Honestly, I’d love for them to give us something (anything) but I’m not convinced that the devs would really see much reward for it, it’d just change the shape of the stick they get beaten with.


Towards what exactly? :v: