@Funcom - Kinda Miffed At You Guys

Saw the Moons of Madness announcement, looks like a nice game but kind of miffed that we’re getting the next bit of content from a third party game.

It’s been a year since the last addition of truly new content to Secret World Legends, it wouldn’t be so bad if you guys would, I dunno, communicate with us at all. (Even if it’s “Sorry, it’s going to take a long time but we’re going to do it!”).

The most recent communication seems to have been an April Fools patch.

C’mon guys.

(I’m not a dungeon/raid/pvp person so I’m now taking a break from SWL waiting for new content. I’d love to play more SWL but… I’m bored!)


I thought about it recently and than realized: We got a lot “new” content but far smaller doses.
A lair, a mission with hoenicians, the tank commander, the brawl, OD (While using an old ma that thing is still a completly new scenario version), DA…even the agents add a lot lore and sidestories.
I totally agree that SA needs to get going again but looking back most content I like, maybe with a few things I think imroveable but still genuine like to play. The exception might be OD but that is due to it not being my kind of content and I see people liking it.

How far into the game are you. Like done with achievements? Especially the regional and unseen challenge you to exerience the game in a new way that heled me? Tried getting good in Shambala? Like you can become a monster there.

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It might not be the new content you like, but saying its been a Year without new content, simply isnt true.

We have got content, yes. It is mostly either end-game grinding stuff - which I find extremely boring, or “content-lite” like the agent stuff which is other people doing things rather than our characters doing anything.

What we haven’t got is anything that moves the main story forward.

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The OP has said that they are neither interested in Dungeons, nor raids, nor PVP.

The OP is clearly talking about story content…

Funcom rebranded this game as a “Shared world action Story RPG” (or w/e) and prides itself on it’s great story telling aspect.

The fact they have spent X amount of time creating a whole other game (again) instead of SWL story, and that this is where our next update to that story is coming from (in a way) which is what i think the OP is saying, is quite frankly - flying in the face of contradiction and doesn’t sit with what they themselves re-branded this particular game as.

It has been a year since the story was updated
How long was it before that?

Do we really have to wait that long for that too?

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Story content’s tricky to develop. It takes a lot of time and different people to pull everything together, (including stuff like making the cutscene cinematics,) and yet it’s also the fastest content to consume. There were people who completed all of the SA content on the same day it was released.

Comparatively, there’s a lot more time sinks in activities like scenarios, dungeons and pvp. They aren’t quick to create either, which means that there needs to be a balance in creating new story and new time sinks. We’ve had a pretty good year of new content every 2 months, but it would definitely be nice to have a new story patch.

I’ve seen this kind of comment a lot with different titles. Whilst it’s true that most players will react positively to dev interaction, it also creates a lot of problems from the people who don’t. If the community is given information, then it has a habit of picking it all apart, mixing it up and then spewing out misinformation that grows the longer the wait is. Even something simple like that is then warped into a promise that XYZ will happen. It’s fairly standard now to only tease content that’s pretty much ready to roll, as it reduces the time that people can spend obsessing over exactly what was meant by every word.

Not sure you can call Moons of Madness another bit of content - it’s a different game, albeit set in the same universe. Like Captain America isn’t an Iron Man film. It may be that there’s some kind of overlap linking the two games somehow, we’ll have to wait and see.

It was also April Fools patch notes, the patch itself wasn’t a joke! :smiley:

You mean Moons of madness?
Or Conan Exiles?

Those were both made by other studios though, so it’s not like they would have taken any dev time away from SWL.

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Conan Exiles is made by Funcom. But in all honesty it saved SW (no matter if TSW or SWL) longterm by providing some long needed cash to reduce debt AND also was the Oslo studio not the american one that works on SWL.
Moons of Madness correct is only published by Funcom like Mutant Year Zero.

So I am unaware of what developed game should have undermined the story of SWL

Edit: Oh…wait you mean studio also as location wise diffrent studio…yeah true.

High time for pitchforks and flaming torches. And chanting Nirvelle! Nirvelle!

In a couple of weeks it will be the anniversary of his debut threads.
Then we can release the hounds.


Thank you!
Funcom in Durham isn’t (or aren’t?!) developing Moon of Madness, Funcom in Oslo isn’t developing Moons of Madness. Funcom isn’t developing the new game at all.

So, they have a goal of publishing two games in 2019. They could have made something completely different but didn’t, they chose to fund a game which have been in development since 2016 (can’t find the source) by another studio and turned into something SW related. I don’t see anything bad about that at all if they have to finish their goal with two published games this year.
So what can MoM do for us? Well, we get related story in the same universe (very much like The Park) and I have never read anyone complaining about the ARGs and whatnot which have been in the same universe and added story (complains about other things related to the games yes, but not the story).
If it’s a hit and people like it’s a good chance they will check out SWL. More players which hopefully will lead to more revenue and more content. I say hopefully and I’m optimistic in nature, because this game need more players to continue. The player base is quite small compared to other titles and how is it possible to justify a huge developing cost for such a small audience? It’s not cheap to developing story like this and I don’t even think about the recruitment process if they decided to expand the Durham office.
Getting people willingly to learn an old engine and then afford the training process is both time and money consuming is a hassle.

This is not a rant, sorry if it came out that way. I’m pleased Funcom decided to fund a game and make it into the universe if they must meet the goal about two published games. And I try to see what the games can do for SWL, the very same applies to the supposed TV-series if/when that happens.

I am surprised they didn’t make mobile ‘PVP’ card battle game with all those agent cards already. It could be also bound to progress of main game agents and have many many sweet microtransactions.

There appears to be no staff in the depts of SWL.
You are lucky to get a petition answered lol.

Remember when they moved the whole dev team from SWL to work on the “other” game?
I guess that’s not taking any dev away from SWL tho is it.

I’m not sure what you think MoM is about tbh. It’s another game, set in the SW IP. If they didn’t announce it to the SW community during final development then we’d give them loads of stick for terrible marketing.

MoM isn’t the focus of the Durham devs, though it’s possible we might get some kind of link in game, we only got cosmetics from the Park. As MoM may be set in a different timeframe, there may not be any possible content link for SWL.

aka new PVP… It’s not perfect, but it is PVP (and quite a lot of fun imo).

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Isn’t Moons by completely different studio though? Rock Pocket Games? As far as I understood, it’s ip and writing from Funcom part, but not switching developing teams.

The game itself lists this as a scenario, it’s not PVP as we know it be.
And i certainly wouldn’t class it as such.
I regret myself even believing at one point the line “it’s all we have so we might as well make use of it”
There are three perfectly good zones to use and should have been implemented a long time ago IMO.
which i still hold true to - to this day.

There is no objective except to be last person standing and avoid elements, there is no way to target a person to Player vs Player if you wanted strategy to achieve an objective, such as capture, hold and defend based on your faction. Take out the healer, take out the dps, capture a facility and hold it as your own or capture the relics and defend or even hold the centre of stonehenge for as long as possible etc - That is PVP we are used to in SW.
Not the skirmish mess that is Shambala.

You are right, it’s not perfect, not by a long shot. But they didn’t even put in one PVP zone for us to see how we faired.
Despite the PVP thread (both of them) being the top thread out of ALL threads in the forum when it comes to any type of discussion on the game.

This latest attempt to do “something” with PVP by the Rosenbrawl - mission - (irks me to say that) and the reduction in the Shambala required numbers to pop it, show where this is heading. It is terribly sad. We learned this lesson from TSW when they added PVE missions to fusang.
It comes to no good for the PVP community.

And i have actual evidence of how bad that became for the PVP community.

As for MoM - We may not have any tie in whatsoever, we may never have any item or linkage between the two, but the focus and the viewpoint from players is that this is spelling an untimely end - and with the radio silence - again - being practically deafening, leaves sour tastes (or salty) in the mouths of those who wait. For Something, anything - that continues on the great story of SWL within the SWL game itself and not anything outside of it.
The viewpoint for some it seems is that this is the new content link to SWL from it’s SW IP.
We will see.
In the meantime, this got posted by someone yesterday in game.

IP and writing - is prolly the part people are miffed that they spent time on instead of working on SWL, while Conan gets all the love. It’s still from FC tho and i don’t think there is any dev team to switch since they were moved on to the “un-named” game quite some time ago.

I would guess that SWl has all the content developed already and they drip feed the content as and when they see fit, perhaps when the metrics in the playerbase dip below a certain level, out comes something “new” no matter how small that may be - and clearly - it doesn’t even have to be in SWL at all for some to be Ok with that.
i dunno - it’s all guesswork coz we know 0 about anything.

They’ve released something every 2 months for the last year, so yes, they are drip feeding on a regular schedule.

In this case of this thread and topic - and for those waiting for the same thing as the OP - it’s not exactly what they want and nobody wants to wait another three years before an update to the story arrives.
I can give or take the story, it’s great - no doubt about that - but i ran it all already in TSW many times over on various toons and here in SWL only twice on two of my eight toons and the rest are at lvl 50 and doing what i personally like to do (group content - i.e non solo stuffs) quite happily without running any of the story content whatsoever.
What i want is entirely different from the OP and each of us all have our own desires - however - none of them seem to be being met, for anyone, not really.
I am not oblivious nor under any illusions as to what each portion of the communities wants.

At one point it was starting to look like FC were relying on the community to drive “community run events” instead of FC doing any at all.