Wait, it's June already!?

Hello everyone!

I wanted to stop in and share what’s been going on with the SWL team. First off, it’s important to set a few expectations. This sort of post won’t contain any announcements or spoilers about future plans. Those will continue to be handled by our fantastic community team (@AndyB tag you’re it).

So what’s happening? It’s been a month!

We have been hard at work on the next big thing - the anniversary. It is likely public knowledge at this point that Secret World Legend’s 1st year anniversary is coming up this month. We have been working to get both new things and old things into a good state, and it looks like we’re getting close. Our QA team has already started poking at the event, so we’re hopeful it’ll be bug-free when it goes Live! There should be a big info dump coming from Community as we get closer to the release date. Balloons!

In addition to that, we have been working on the promised mission pack. Due to the cost and complexity of implementation, the pack won’t be ready as soon as we wanted. That said, I think you’re going to like it when it’s ready.

Beyond that, we have spent a good amount of time looking into new/experimental tech. One investigation that is showing progress is focused on expanding the existing difficulty scaling tech, to see if we can push the limits of the engine and expand scalable difficulties beyond dungeons and scenarios. No concrete results on that yet, as it’s still experimental with a large number of hurdles to tackle.

Going forward, I would like to make more informal posts like this in the interim downtimes between updates. Please let us know if you like this idea as a continued thing.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone online during the upcoming Anniversary!

  • Chris “Nirvelle” Meredith

Museum golems can finally be completed? :thinking:


Shems can finally be had again? :thinking:


I would like this idea as a continued thing.

Cheers for the info! Fascinated by the scaling explorations.

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to what this month brings.

Hopefully the new scaling scales better than the current scaling, looking at you E8, 9 and 10.

Could this be a spoiler of things to come?
Perhaps The Secret World will be facing a population explosion among the Sewer Clowns and we intrepid Bees must don our finest spelunking gear and go sewer caving beneath New York, London, and Seoul?
Fingers/finger-like appendages/tentacles crossed, everyone!

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Or it could be lightning the dreaded BALLOON GOLEM …get your pins out and get popping!

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I love that you took time to really be like “Hey, we are still alive” and make a post about it.
A lot peeps here got a little nervous.


Hello. I am Nord. I like cats.


Yush, “informal posts” like this are fantastic and very appreciated! Thank you! :heart:

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Hi nirvelle-kun :wink:

Thanks you so much for all this informations. Personnaly I love this informal post. This kills bad rumors but lovers of SWL are present to defend the game :wink:

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I do hope the anniversary golems will be in each region like they were in TSW. I don’t see how you can do the eight different shems otherwise. Also, I’m really looking forward to seeing the Gatekeeper being followed by his entourage again. I’ve missed that.

The scaling difficulty thing sounds interesting. If there’s one complaint I have with SWL as it now is, it’s that it is far too easy. Hopefully nightmare areas will reappear as well, complete with signet drops.


Shems plz!

Also this sort of post is very nice. Thanks for taking the time to write some words for us!

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Really appreciate the written update. Personally I don’t enjoy watching the streams. Maybe I’m just being an old man but I prefer to read a point form summary or even a written update like whats here. Especially interested on the possibility of scaling difficulties. There’s a lot of unused assets in this game that can add a lot of content if provided the right rewards and challenge.


No, I’m totally with you Drenneth. I’d rather spend five minutes reading this post than one hour watching a dev stream.


I want read more post like this in the future :wink:


Also with you on the streams. There’s often not a lot to say info wise–so short stuff like this works great for me rather than watching a hour or more livestream.


This sounds interesting, but begs the question on whether there’s also any progress on making pre-Kaidan story missions repeatable. Because a combination of both would be a crazy huge increase in SWL replay value.


I love the idea of quick, chatty, informal communication. If you’ve got the time to give us a brief update, I think it’s huge at making us (at least me) feel valued and “in the loop.”