Wait, it's June already!?


I don’t think we’d ever say no to more information!

As for the Community Managers - will they be addressing things here or only on Discord?


I posted link in reddit to share informations.



is it the return of monthly news like in the days of Joel Bylos? It would be really good, even in this form a little less formal. :wink:

Thank you !


Dear Nirvelle,
in matters of the Anniversary…

Last year I DID NOT GET the 5-T-Shirt.
What about this year? Do I get the 6?
The 1 I have now for almost 5 years, getting it again would be a bit… you know.


Maybe it will be a 1, but with sparkles?

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t really make sense for it to be a 6? So hopefully something that isn’t a repeat from TSW at least.


Maybe red shirt with 1?

Balloon Nasiru.


Is there some form of a date as to when the big shebang will start ?


The British monarch James I managed it :smiley:


Maybe a stupid question… can the community participate in mission creation?

I personally can create art assets, storylines, and even voice assets. Maybe someone else knows the mission creation tool for the game


From what I can gather, story is actually the thing this game has on lock, so to speak. Like, maybe sidequests or Agent Missions, but Main Missions and Story? Not likely.


Side quests would work too.


Not that it will help in the production of official content, so if that is the main goal this is a miss, but if you wanna create a mission then this Untold Stories of The Secret World mod was just updated to work with SWL =3.

On a side note there were a couple contests that added stuff to TSW (and by extension SWL) which was made by the community. Nothing like missions though.


Well, for anniversary you could make a special shop near the gatekeeper with a special currency to buy exclusive items from TSW like the outfits, issue shirts, mounts, weapons skin and pets bought with deluxe editions from the old issues system.


While a fun idea, I think they’re past the point where they can add such a system if it isn’t there already.
Next year, maybe?


Hey, I agree with your thoughts, you have put up a great idea.