Any news about the future?

Hey everyone:)

So again i find myself browsing the forum for any new info on SWL. And again it seems there is no newsletter or anything like it used to be. I realize SWL is not the most popular title they have (unfortunately), But i still wish the game would get some love and really kick off. TSW was my first MMO and it made me fall in love with the genre, so seeing this game slowly dying is painful.
I read on the Funcom website that “We try to put ourselves in the shoes of our community. Our goal is for developers and players to always be on the same team

In this case it seems the devs have abandoned us though. I see several post about people asking for new content or just some response from the devs, even if it is a negative answer i would gladly take it. just let us know what is going on, do you have any plans to develop SWL further?

Anyway, i wish everyone has a great time with the game, and if you do, please spread the word. This game need more love:)


Last update was most of this team is making another game right now, but development is ongoing. The hive mind theory for lack of updates is A) the time it takes to develop new things and B) community response seems to be better with surprises than knowing what’s coming and not having it yet.

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There is also the speculation that now the Tanking and Healing pass has happened for Dungeon and Raid rebalance - that there will also be a DPS pass with beta testing and that this is all a pre-cursor to any new content (be it old from TSW not yet in SWL content or entirely new content, both of which hadn’t yet been added sooner due to incompatibilities)

Sadly only speculations, the devs have been so silent for years now. personally i don’t have high hopes that this game will get any new content. But i am clinging to the little hope i got:)

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Well, it’s now 33 (thirty three) months after the release of South Africa. Anything substantial at this point would make the Vatican send a team of miracle investigators.


i think the most we can get are some changes in excel table like dps changes. A lot of people in community like spreadsheets so it might be interesting for them.

Still math is hard thing, so they are trying to figure out how to make dps changes working for last 3 years. Lets wait for year or two so the guy learning math will finish university.

Seriously tho maybe they gonna make dps of x weapon by x % higher tops. Last person in the team who could do real content Tilty left, so not much hope left unfortunately

I miss Tilty, he seemed so passionate about the game.

My favorite part about Tilty’s passion for tsw was when the reboot of tsw got communicated and the rules for reserving the name of your character got clear (needed to have logged in last 6 months). It turned out that Tilty hadn’t logged in tsw for 6 months and another player managed to take his name.

That player is still around. I was in the livestream when he found out about it.

Ah, yes. Good times. And I didn’t even get a beta invite for saving his name!


That’s clearly an understatement of epic proportions :stuck_out_tongue:

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