Fate of the game

Am I right in assuming that there will never be any further new content for this game - specifically further story? The idea of creating another free account and playing the existing content again no longer has any attraction so I am really looking for an excuse not to finally delete a game which I played and loved from the outset (of TSW, that is).

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We might get more storycontent for the game, but it seems unlikely.

So assume whatever you want - your guesses are probably just as good as ours.

You can assume anything you’d like. Doesn’t make you right.

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Yea …now they are just keeping the servers on to generate some income every month…game died years ago,it just doesn’t know it yet :smiley:

Longest funeral i’ve ever waited for.

Ahhh, well, sort of what I expected. I made the post in the vain hope someone might have had at least a hint of anything new but the fact thay they are no longer even bothering to offer the “special events” on the Agartha platforms made me think that the end was upon us.

TSW was one of the best storyline games ever and the weapon selection and synergies were very clever although difficult to master. SWL was a gross oversimplification but still retained most of the magic of the storyline. Seems, however, that it is now time to let it go.

Thanks to those of you who made constructive/sympathetic posts here. My best wishes to all I have played with over the best part of 10 years in the game, especially any members of the cabal I was a member of in TSW (I am ashamed to admit I no longer remember the name).

Where did you get that from?

Honestly it was just a comment referring to the length of time since the last event of that sort. They were happening with a fair degree of regularity. However the last one I remember was around Xmas

SWL has not yet missed a single seasonal event.

Events with hourly bosses are: Anniversary, Samhain (Halloween), Krampusnacht (Winter). Anniversary usually starts in the second half of June.


We even had Valentine’s and Equinox.

Yup. Those don’t have hourly bosses, though.

Right. But even though it’s not on the Agartha Platform, it’s still a special event. Not sure what would be expected from Christmas to now except those.

Winter caches in June ?
No new lore in how many years ?

Yeah, no future here.

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I stopped paying patron for this game… hope others do the same. Why? Why to support non-working company


ESO literally has events every month, sometimes twice a month. They are not tied or bound to events in a calendar. Such as Christmas & Halloween. Content also comes regular. Creatively they have made events that are engaging and ongoing, so its not like it couldn’t be done (in regards to events by Funcom) and really doesn’t need to be tied to any calendar of actual RL celebrations. Sadly that effort can’t be made without a team. It has the funding, otherwise Funcom would be bust. It just doesn’t an SWL team to give any funding to.

ESO being a bigger game, with a bigger playerbase, with a lot more of a team working on it doesn’t compare to SWL’s tiny playerbase, zero team and content wise is not anywhere near as much, so I get that its incomparable on many things - but was just giving the comparison based on events and how they don’t need to be tied to calendar rituals in RL.

Community events are sometimes better than FC events by sheer effort alone.

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