Rambling about the game

Is SWL truly alive ? Or dead ? Or a bit of both ?

I guess it’s pretty obvious the game population has decreased, especially since Amz released their MMO (it’s like they were able to catch the attention of players by providing… hmm… what’s the word already… ah yes, CONTENT).
While Funcom did manage an impressive trick; from TSW to SWL, they successfully removed more old content than they added new one.

Removed since TSW :

  • the skill wheel -which was complex, prolly painful to balance but allowed a great variety of builds- has been trimmed to give players tasteless active/passive skill duos.
  • Hell Fallen, Slaughterhouse, Facility and both Manufactory dungeons are not playable. Of course, one can argue HF SH & Fac are here, and you can enjoy them in story mode, but where are the elite versions of these dungeons ?
  • Raids : Eidolon & Flappy raids are unavailable.
  • Augmentations wheel : prolly replaced by Agents

Quote from SWL press release FAQ :

Will all content from The Secret World be available in Secret World Legends at launch?
Secret World Legends will relaunch with the original eight adventure playfields, scenarios, and dungeons available immediately. In the time following the relaunch, we will release Tokyo, Nightmare Dungeons, Raids, and the rest of the content that is currently live in The Secret World.

New content in SWL :

  • Dark Agartha : it’s solo content
  • South Africa zone : let’s be honest, it feels like all missions in the zone were rushed, unpolished because designers had a close deadline. Making the zone kinda dull imo. Bad thing about it, the nighttime could give an excellent lair map, but I guess no one thought about adding a lair there.
  • Agents : they feel like they’re here to replace the augmentations system. The augs were indeed a pain to farm, but they provided a goal for high-end players.

Will you continue developing new content for Secret World Legends?
We have plans to create all-new story-driven content for Secret World Legends in the future, which we’ll be able to discuss in more detail after the relaunch of the game.

I could go on for hours about the differences, but I think it can be resumed like this : TSW was a game which revolved about player’s abilities to combine and use skills to squeeze the best of its character; while SWL is all about having the good gear, resulting in a terrible loss in gameplay…

Fun fact about new content: in the past 4 years, Everquest II received more new content than SWL :smiley:

[17:08] [General] [Krumpfyne]: Bored ? Nothing to do ? Come help me troll FC on their forums :smiley: Rambling about the game

Followed this from ingame chat to tell you that perhaps you feel the game is dead because a large part of the playerbase automatically put “trolls” and such on their ignore list. I tend not to ignore people …easily at least …so I get the pleasure to observe you spend most of the time ingame in chat complaining about Funcom and this game you downloaded and installed…that you are ingame …playing. I see it in Agartha and hear it from people it also happens in Dungeon groups and lairs they join. Nobody interested in that.

I spent 5 minutes checking; Pretty much every contribution you had in this forum is complaining about the game and Funcom. Pretty much every contribution you have in SWL discord server is complaining and or spamming your own links to the same complaints. Whats with trying to get people to download and play other games?

Its getting old and has been for a while.

Meanwhile I had no problem staying REALLY BUSY all year long. Succesfully cleared 200+ E17 raids. 50+ E10 raids, 50+ E5 raids, hundreds and hundreds of storymode raids. Several lairs every day.+ Regionals/Megabosses… Plenty of dungeons every day. Thats just one person on his main only. And there is plenty of groups doing the same and I dont play with.
These groups are created within cabals or within groups of friends all the time.
That way …you dont risk ending up in a group with toxic people you dont really want to interact with…


Oh look. This thread. Again. It certainly hasn’t gotten old at this point. Not at all. Not even a little.

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Thanks you both for your contribution, too bad you’re mostly speaking about me and not about the game. I shall suppose you’re finding it perfect as it is, and that it can’t be improved in any way :slight_smile:

My personal point of view – I think we know SWL’s shortcomings at this point and we need to be realistic.

Everyone has a right to express their opinion; the difficulty is that ongoing negativity will only put off new and returning players. It works against us and becomes self-fulfilling.

There are a few things we could all do to help, IMO.

  1. Focus on the positive aspects. There must be something good and special about SWL, otherwise we wouldn’t be here using precious time and energy discussing and playing it :slight_smile:

  2. Be active in arranging events [even small scale ones] and adding to the user content that expands the game world.

  3. Support other players’ initiatives and welcome / support new players whenever possible.

This community may be small, but it’s a very creative and intelligent one. There are enough of us to make the community a great reason in itself for joining and staying with the game :wink:


The problem is, for many returning players, the positive aspects seem to be mostly the pre-2017 TSW memories. Can you actually name the positives of SWL, as a product, as provided by Funcom, that one could be focusing on?

Just taunting the community is probably setting up returning players for disappointment, given how many have moved on to greener gaming pastures.

For new players, yes, there’s experiencing the story for the first time. It might not be a good idea to try to get them to look at SWL with rose-colored goggles beyond that; the backlash when they come off - which they inevitably will - might be worse than the reaction to knowing they should probably focus on that one positive.

Congratulations, you’re happy being content with monotony and stagnation. Others are not.
I’m here for the story and as it’s now like 3 years and 8 months since the release of South Africa (that was in April 2018, right ?) the outlook becomes more bleak every day. I won’t fault anyone who’s saying “game’s dead” because I cannot prove the opposite, seeing that “Secret World Legends is the story-driven, shared-world action RPG

The unified use of the “F” key for, well, using things. That one is awesome. Everything else I consider a downgrade.

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Okay, that’s an absolutely great response. If the internet even still cared about SWL, I’d say you win it for the day.

Congratulations, you’re happy being content with monotony and stagnation. Others are not.
I’m here for the story and as it’s now like 3 years and 8 months since the release of South Africa (that was in April 2018, right ?) the outlook becomes more bleak every day.

Well im not happy with monotony and stagnation because I myself switch up the game to make it fun for myself so I dont have to be. Im having fun with both good friends and my cabal every single day. I might feel different if I was the kinda person that stood around whining all day. Hense why I responded its not like this for everyone
And here for the story? Well I like the story a lot but from a game perspective this makes no sense at all if you just think a little bit about it. So if I spend thousands and maybe tens of thousands of hours in this game and it takes …what 30-40 hours to play all the story missions in the game? if they literally made the game twice as big. 30-40 hours more of story you could still be back complaining about lack of story in a matter of weeks. Off course you would not have to do that because it would have replayability. People just choose an arbitrary amount of time before they start complaining again. And again.

You and me both know its not realistic for any company to have a perpetual ongoing storyline and at the same time keep all the replayability for new players. If you are here JUST for the story you need to be realistic. I hope they continue it as soon as possible. If not so what? Im having fun still. If someone dont have fun …well? Maybe move on.

And I promise you if I do move on I would not have the game installed and participate in forums about the game and talk in discord about it. I would get my harddrive space back and simply move on.
There are many games I dont play anymore because for various reasons I dont like them, or even the developer in some cases. Im however not wasting 5 minutes of my time on them as if they owed me something.


This part <3 I am too.


I’m a returning player and I love the fact that the game still exists in some form after nearly 10 years. I love the fact that the lore and content is there for me to replay and experience using different builds, factions, etc. I really like the in-game community and their kindness [well, 99% of them!].

If that’s not enough, then people are free to move on, of course. After all, why stick around a game that only inspires negativity?

Yes, I completely understand people having lovely memories of TSW. It promised so much, didn’t it? And it could have gone so much further. We can’t change the past, but we can influence the SWL community, which is to a large extent the heart of an MMO, in my opinion.

Anyway, happy gaming, wherever it takes you :slight_smile:



And by the same token, even though I’ve sometimes felt loyalty to a game [weird, I know], I don’t feel loyal enough to hang around if it isn’t making me happy.

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