Funcom wake up!

The silence is killing the community. We need some information on future content and plans for the game.
I see more and more posts about people asking if the game is going to shut down or if this is it for the content.

What happened to the news letters? What happened to the progress?

Personally it seems more and more like they are happy with how the game is now and don’t want to expand more.
In my opinion, the last expansion that is South Africa honestly seemed to be rushed and not as much work put into it as the previous content. Going back you can notice a real difference in voice acting and animation.

Funcom we need you to talk to us:)


what you mean? you didnt like gathering corn or mortaring superzombies arcade kind of… minigame? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well… 18 years old Anarchy Online has a lot more love than SWL these days. And income for that love, comes from your pocket.


I mean if we anyone is lying in anyones pocket than it’S SWL/AoC/AO in CE pocket (And further MYZ to a smaller but still quite substantial amount)…the income from that game makes us look like chump change.
TSW and SWL never been that great at generating more than it’s own expenses, investing in it is for the most part a likely money sink and really risky on the pay off side.

Save a small community by removing the longest loyal players. Another bright idea. :v:


Although lately I have been a critic of Funcom’s handling of SWL, I have never declared that the game is dead. I play it every day, and I see plentiful evidence of life. My cabal is active and growing, and every day I meet new players. The problem has been described by another poster in another thread as a bucket with a hole in it. Many players finish the story get to endgame and quickly exhaust the handful of dungeons and single raid and find nothing to do. They then tend to leave. I have seen it happen countless times. The very veterans that you want to get rid of are the ones who stay to help new players and the community and the ones who believe in the game. They are the heart of the game. I agree, though, that bitterness and salt does not make for an effective approach to criticism, and I’d like to see less of it.

By the way, when I win the lottery tomorrow night, I will be sure to buy enough stock in Funcom so that I can make SWL a priority again. :slight_smile:

[Note: This is the same reply I posted in another thread to this same post.]


Also on my lottery wish list…

Sounds like you had a bad experience in game with a few people. But, why bring that up here? I was talking about how Funcom has been silent for a long time and not giving us any news.

And i must admit that the way you typed seemed very aggressive.

After all I do complain about the stability,and Will get upset when those funcom haters on the otherhand just telling me there is no stability problema exist o its your problema not ours something…but I never go insult ppl,bashing devs,name calling o flaming ppls hatred towards funcom.I think they are diferent attitude.I was critism o if you think its worse you can call it venting,but those haters are doing literatly try to ruin the game on purpose…as they just said themselves,they want a REVOLUTION.
And wtf is a revolution in the virtual world without buying the game themselves?
They just get upset want funcom pay for ban them from fórum imo,but this is just assumition,I may wrong judged ppl…but what I want to say is that the radical attitude really wont help,only make hatred and divide the comunity.

I get what you are saying, and i understand. What i don’t understand is why you are talking about it in this thread. I didn’t mention anything about SWL dying. And i am not trying to assault Funcom? The only person that is not calm here is you dude :sunglasses:

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because you are talking about the game problema with funcom right?You want to solve the problem to let funcom know?Then we should point out the problem first.Thats why.


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The problem i was talking about is the silence from Funcom when it comes to news about the future and content of the game.

And yes dishing a bit about the quality of South Africa:)

But you are blowing this up like a wildfire. Just chill :wink:

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I just pointed where the problem is.Its never about simple the comunication o something,it has deeper root one of these roots is inside the comunity itself.Ppl always find problems on funcom side but never think about that perhaps there are something within the comunity,and this problem is what we could solve,and its what the only problem we could solve without buying SWL from funcom.
We can stop being salty,we can stop comparing to the old tsw,we can calm down and stop seeing ppl who have diferent opinions as enemy of the people,we can bring the good side of the game show them to new players and potential players.
If there are more new comers,there are more activities and incomes,and if SWL can show its potential of income generation,only that time funcom would ever consider it should be put more investigation again.You cant ask o even forcé funcom to do something even just for a comunication,you can only atract them to do so.

I know it’s a long shot, but can you just please stop posting in my thread, you are ruining it!


You need help, but just clarify for me what exactly is it i am lying about? you do complain everyday & there are many bug issues nobody disagrees with that fact,
so… tell me where is the lie? are you really going to show yourself up like that for a second time?

Yes,I agree your point,and you are the first guy in this topic know what exactly I trying to say…
I personaly met many of the problem you listed here,when I was new I try to play healer because I play priest in WoW,and a ppl just telling me I am a dumbass and Will be useless,I dont even know why lol…In my opinión the bullying to healers are a consecuence of the bad weapon balance and dungeon balance,I mean,sustain tank born from both the unbalance of weapon and unbalance of dungeons boss attack damage…
And aside of this,about silencing of criticism,I think its depend to what kind of critism,for example you Will result chat ban up to 2months I think in WoW if you try to flaming,calling for revolution to assault company headquarter and insult ppl who love the game,insult/even curse devs etc. but here?GMs not doing nothing and never look into reports.I dont think they are silencing critism,to be honest I think they just abandoned the management of public chat.
critism helps,but rudeness and insults,and flame on purpose never Will…

Those words have never been spoken by me , you have proved my point you have comprehension & cognition issues, i think that covers it all wow lol


Rey i see you EVERYDAY complain about the stability of the game & NOT ONCE have i seen somebody disagree with that fact.
you just said this,you are disagreeing with that fact
edit:okay you are not saying you are disagreeing with that fact,but you pointed out that not once you see ppl disagree with that,whats your meaning of saying that?In my eye,its --because many ppl saying that problem not exist,so that problem not exist.
And this is not true.

Can you please just find somewhere else to argue?