Funcom Financial Report Q2 2018

Surprised there wasn’t already a thread for this. Someone usually starts one immediately after the report is out.

Well. Just a couple of things to say. First, if you watch the first eight minutes of the presentation you’ll see that Funcom is swimming in money right now. Tons of cash on hand, all debt virtually paid off. Cool. That’s great. I’m happy for you. But where’s ours? Let’s jump to and see what’s said about SWL. The answer is nothing. We’re given about 30 seconds of talk in the 40+ minute presentation.

So what was said about SWL? The devs are working on repeat events. That’s it. Wow. Exciting. More Golden Events, Golem Events, etc events.

What about putting some more investment into the game? Hire some more people. Get further story content out in a timely manner instead of taking over a year to finally get to it. Why not get more end game going? You know, without the endgame we’ll just continue to bleed players. Right now, it’s hemorrhaging. Badly. Really bad. If SWL was a person they’d have bled out by now lying in the gutter. Without endgame to retain people, it’s like a bucket with a hole in the bottom. Doesn’t matter how many new people you pour in, they’ll just drain out the hole when they reach the end.

Major disappointment.


Nice that Conan Exiles worked out, and I don’t blame Funcom focusing on Conan since it pays the bills. However, with SWL focusing on repeatable events, there’s not much for me to anticipate. I guess SWL relaunch didn’t succeed enough to afford new content. :frowning:

Stop complaining and buy stuff, so Funcaom can start new projects and put classic games into maintenanse mode!

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For thirty seconds of talking, people sure do drum up a LOT of doomsaying.
Halloween is around the corner. I get the feeling that’s currently taking up their time. And Christmas after that. Current Quarter is Event Quarter. That’s how I see things, anyway. Especially with most complaints last year being ‘Where’s the rest?’.
Whatever. I’m gonna do what I’m always doing; actually enjoy the game while it lasts and not waste my time on speculations as if it were facts.
Dons witches hat
See ya this Halloween.


I was waiting for this answer. At least the first person to say it was being as sarcastic as I feel.

At least after a year the relaunch we finally got 30 seconds of content, right? Clearly things are fine. :man_shrugging:


You got through South Africa in 30 Seconds? The Kaidan Lair?
I’ve heard of speed runs but that’s ridiculous.
Oh, right. That doesn’t count because it’s not TSW therefore it’s bad.
I think I’m done here. Have fun… not having fun, I guess.

You are reading more into it than there probably is. Keep in mind this report isn’t written for players but for investors. So a lot of the fancy talk can be slightly incorrect in the eyes of how a player would interpret it.
I’m taking a potshot myself but I think repeatable event content means more groupcontent that they might release with a big story event and that will stay for good. But like said…only assumption on my part.
Only real info the report gave us is they are making money so SWL doesn’t have to close down and probably won’t given they still stick with stuff like AO, a game that is probably less valueable in terms of profit than SWL and way older.

I saw a slide with a picture of “bloodstained pvp weapon cache” and got excited for an upcoming pvp update to SWL, but then I realized it was something that was made for AOC. :laughing::worried:

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And what do you think investors will make of it that this relaunch that the Durham office has spent the past 2+ years on now only warrants a few meager bullet points in their quarterly presentation?

The game that once kept Funcom alive while it sank money into failed project after failed project doesn’t even get its own slide anymore. It shares one with another that Funcom essentially put into maintenance mode a year ago.

I don’t think the doomsday atmosphere is justified just yet. But a year on, this doesn’t look like the successful relaunch we were hoping for when we left TSW behind and started over. We’re once again left waiting for scraps of new content, only with fewer dungeons, raids, and virtually no PvP to kill the time in between.


I do. The awkward pause between pointing out the low cost and age of the “old MMOs” and “but we keep developing them” is just too ominous.

But TSW is the “old MMO”. SWL is the new “shared-world action RPG”. :wink:

this sounds pretty bad, in more than 1 year we have had exactly 1 new small zone and later on a few more quests. I remember them saying they wanted to have smaller, but more often new content, and i don’t see it yet.
At least halloween and christmas events were already done last year so they don’t have the build them up form 0 this time. Maybe we’ll get more than just these 2 events.

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I’m expecting Spooky Stories and The Christmas Conspiracy, to be honest. That’s about it.

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Color me underwhelmed by what was said. Repeatable events, that’s it? Basically easy for them to do, busy work for us but not NEW content. I do enjoy the events in TSW, Halloween in particular. Hopefully SWL will be fun, although I imagine the ‘repeatable’ events will be the TSW Samhain events released as “new”.

I guess we should be grateful for a scrap of information - even if it was for investors, as apparently the whole transparency and we’ll keep you informed has fallen by the wayside again.

Love the game, but I’m not playing right now, log in to send out agent/collect daily. Otherwise what to do? Run the same content to level up gear to do the same content to level up gear to do the same content? No thanks.

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The point of telling investors about your plans for a project is so that they can gauge how financially successful said project might be. So given this, you’d want to inform your investors about all current plans for said project. As it stands, the only mentioned plan for SWL are “repeatable events”. Hell, not even a mention of the supposed Congo. This isn’t a good thing. I wonder now if Congo is going to be as minuscule and tiny as SA is with loose threads just burnt away instead of being tied up. All the years of suspense over Berihun ended in an epic climax, right? They didn’t? Oh…


I’m not. At this point, I’d be very surprised if we get even one of those missions. The Broadcast and The Seven Silences will probably never see the light of day either. I wouldn’t be so bitter if they kept them alive in TSW, but no… that would doing the right thing.

Things are far brighter over here in Kul Tiras.

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The only thing that which will reassure everyone, will confirmation that Congo is still relevant and in developpement. In this case this events are just builded to wait otherwise… nothing :cry:

I repost again, just for add this

I repost again, again :wink: As you can see, I modified my first post, if you hadn’t read, my talk (in my brain) was in futur and not in present as I write first.

I repost because I love to research #SecretWorldLegends on twitter to see the game’s activity. And during my reading, I discover this. What will happen for the future ? :scream:

It’d be nice to have an updated roadmap like we did at launch. Even if it just says “October - Halloween event, December - Christmas event, 2019 - more story missions”. It would be better than this kind of “no-one’s really sure what’s happening” situation.