POLL (Review and Summary)

Firstly thank-you everyone for taking the time to vote. I had not expected it to hit 300 or even 200 but yet again the community always surprises. Below I’ll briefly summarize some of the key suggestions and if I miss anything take no offense but feel free to post it in the comments section.

  • New Zone/Mission Pack (5-10 Missions)

This will likely bring the greatest influx of new/old players back into the game. It is the easiest content for them to market as the game is known best for its story. Also it is the most overdue source of content for the game so its would appear to be a number one choice for Funcom. There are however a couple major roadblocks. Firstly, the bar is set very high which means that almost any story content produced by their limited resources will be harshly judged. Secondly, story content is very short lived meaning that once it is exhausted there is not a great deal of meaningful replay-ability. Third, it is not a very lucrative form of content in itself especially for the amount of time and work that would be required. These three issues can be addressed by something Nytha mentioned:

“Realistically, to have a viable future, Funcom needs to do all 5, and pretty soon before more people give up.” - Nytha

This sparked an idea of closely staggered content starting with an initial story release. By following up or pairing with an existing/new raid or dungeon (I personally would suggest the Flappy raid since its already been ported to SWL) they would offer new re-playable content to players that have returned. It would also spark some competition and add some value financially as players find a new reason to create/level new and existing gear.

  • New/Existing Dungeons/Raids

I combined these two for the purpose of discussion since I think they both represent essentially the same form of content. Its the foundation of what a lot of players do who stay beyond the story and also a big part of what unifies cabals and circles of friends in the game.

“I’d like to see more content like faction missions, OD or DA (or even raids or dungeons) with scaled, selectable difficulty that can be run with anywhere from one to five (or even ten) people. One scaling system that works consistently and is applied consistently.” - Aeryl

A point brought up by Aeryl is the use of there scaling system and I would hope to see this scaling system in much of there future content as it deals with the issue of over gearing the content. Perhaps with a few minor tweaks and the option to select a desired level of difficulty but that is a discussion for another topic. Also interesting about this concept is perhaps the potential of opening new or existing instanced missions to include a group option with optional difficulty scaling. They would act as a sort of mini dungeon and hopefully have rewards that are appealing enough to warrant doing them as a group.

I also agree on opening up the dungeons to allow for lower IP levels to enter if it’s a pre-made group. I understand why this was initially not allowed, and not wanting the power-leveling, but there is ZERO incentive for higher-geared people to do lower level dungeons.” - Serressia-Steinvell

This comment raises a valid concern with the current dungeon/raid situation though and it is regarding IP restrictions. One exciting aspect of Occult Defense is that I can take someone brand new to the game and carry them up to a difficulty that is both rewarding for them and me. It would help new players feel included without having the daunting feeling of waiting months before reaching the IP of there cabal mates. I understand that part of this is to give incentive for opening caches but I fear most will walk away before taking that path.

Anything which actually got more tanks/needed roles into groups would be a good thing. It’d help people who felt they needed to regear, because the fastest way to level a new item is dungeons.” - AWOL

Also a valid concern is that adding more dungeons/raid will not fix the current state of the Activity Finder. A large part of this is due to there being a shortage of or lack of incentive for players to take the role of Tank. There are possible solutions to this whether it be increased rewards for the tank role or some achievement based incentive as existed in TSW where you simply had achievements for utilizing Activity Finder.

  • PVP Battleground (Fusang/ElDorado/Stonehenge)

This is a difficult subject for me to discuss as what I want and what is realistic is very conflicting. PvP was everything I played for in TSW and there wasn’t a day that went by where I didn’t have a new build or set of gear I was trying to make to counter something. But SWL and TSW ability and gear wise are two very different beasts so my fear has always been that one day they give back El Dorado and I realize it just isn’t what it once was. Some memories are best left as memories. PvP needs its own community of players that enjoy the PvP and it of course hinges on players competitive drive. There is of course a lot of players I believe that would enjoy seeing Fusang return as a persistent PvP ground and I think it would be successful in that it doesn’t require set numbers to start a match. But at this point I’m not sure that it is a good investment financially for Funcom or population wise for the interests of players. If as mentioned previously IF Story + Raid/Dungeon is introduced and successfully boosts the population then yes I’d love to see them consider Fusang or something similar as a follow up.

  • Ability Balance/Revamp

Where do I start with this option. I think there were probably many of us that realized in the back of our minds that its something critical to SWLs long term success but we play games to enjoy content and expect balances to be something that’s just done as needed during game development. This would be a large undertaking and perhaps more then anything would provide minimal financial gain to Funcom (at least in the short-term).
Though it was not discussed in the Poll I do feel that the Tank/Healer and Defensive glyph situation is something that should be addressed especially if a new raid or dungeon is introduced. It may very well give players new and old, a reason to revisit there dreams of being a healer or a tanky tank.

  • TLDR

Step 1: Story/Zone Hype and Release
Step 2: Raid or Dungeon Release (Possibly Flappy since its all ready in game)
Step 3: Ability Revamp and potentially revisit Activity finder IP requirements and provide incentive for the use of activity finder through achievements.
Step 4:…
Step 5: Profit?

The floor is all yours feel free to discuss.


Thank you for going to the effort of creating the poll and keeping us on topic @Drenneth! :smiley: It’s been interesting to see the different points of view :slight_smile:


I would argue that the incentive for anyone overgeared to run dungeons lower than their own desired level - would be that you help and encourage more players level through the dungeons so everybody has more people to play dungeons with, including yourself. Otherwise they are indeed left behind with nobody showing them the ropes - waiting and waiting and more waiting, some are too nervous to ask in LFG and need good encouragement.

If you know something and know it well - show them - Impart your good knowledge onto others and show them the correct way of doing things. Give good advice and help them.
This in itself helps you, them and everyone else.
That is your incentive to run something lower than your own IP level.
we all want more people to run with - they can’t enter dungeons higher than their own IP level - but you can enter lower ones.
It helps everyone in the long run.
We all want more people to do dungeons with.
Expanding on that pool is a good thing.
It all starts with you.

Some - do this already and we are all eternally grateful.
Thank you to those who do <3

I second AWOL’s Thanks in the creation of the poll.
You did good. :+1:
(nice also to see that 40% still want some form of group content too)


Thank you for this poll, that has allowed to the community to speak about their desires.

The two first points are very important because when the one is not present the second allow us to wait. I think we are in this situation currently.

PvP can be interesting for the future. I don’t know how it can be reintroduced but with something new which attract players which not playe PvP habitually (“extra faction” rank, world ranking with weekly buff for the winning faction, new money for buy…something etc…). Something can be do for him but it’s not a priority.

Balance, balance…it’s my first “MMO” and I start to understand many things about problems with tanks and healers. It’s a big and an important part because our powers, are in the hearth of the gameplay. Not a priority too except if it’s necessary for a new content. The freemasons agents is maybe an introduction about it. If there is an update about that, I will happy. Even if it’s not a story content, something will be change and maybe for good things after.

I would be add something about two points.

  • Since OD was been released, I reappreciated S&P. The group part is always missing and need to use the old map from TSW. The port with scaling tech will be necessary I think and, why not to invent new boss monsters for duo and group S&P (like we have with group OD) that will add more fun with new achievements.

  • I want replay flappy that I discovered as all new Secret Worlders with the Whispering Tide Event. But there is two parts of the is event which are missing for SWL : Enter the filth 1 & 2. I repost just here an idea that I proposed in the feedback thread. For a limited budget I think it’s a good way to reintroduce event’s rewards and why not create in addition to the raid, a new end-game content (or not).

And a little screencapture that I found on my PC (lost inside lol) about the last Tilty’s interview, in BTV website. A new system is in reflection but what ??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I totally agree and actually for people that find reward simply in knowing that they have helped out a lower IP player that is admirable. I take the odd new player in Occult Defense mostly because I can get them to wave 21 and I know i can beat wave 21 even if the player that’s with me is under geared. We both get good rewards in fact the best for Occult Defense and I generally give them some game/build advice if they ask.

Now I do this because I feel its a waste going solo if I can carry someone just as easily in duo. However you won’t see me join an E5 dungeon in the Activity Finder. I mean god bless those that do but that’s just not for me unless I’m helping someone I know. Giving players the opportunity to private que for any level dungeon regardless of IP will allow veteran players to teach and gear new players while showing them some of the more advanced mechanics. Additionally for the majority who needs an incentive more then good will it would offer chests that are worth opening. It they wanted to prevent power leveling they could take it a step further and restrict chest loot to your highest known IP.


I’m not sure I agree here tbh. Running a dungeon with over-geared people isn’t a fulfilling experience for everyone. The first few times you go up against a boss, you’ve often no clue what the hell is going on - having someone tell you beforehand doesn’t always work either. Throwing in comments like “oh, but you don’t need to know that yet” just adds confusion. Showing off complicated mechanics is great, but it can be unintentionally dull for the person being brought along. They’ve got no real stake in the fight, because they’re too low to do any damage, and they’re unlikely to be used for utility as they don’t know the fight. I’d rather see something like stalker mode where you can tune into friends cameras (as if you were in the anima well watching your team mates).

Adding incentives for OP character to run stuff would only exacerbate the problem of e10 people speed running e1s. There’s also a risk of de-incentivising people getting out there and running stuff without a boost, because some players then feel like they’re being punished with worse loot for not having OP friends and not always being boosted.

I think that the answer isn’t about having the veterans going out and helping low level players all the time, it’s about working out how to teach new players to tank, heal and dps. Mentoring works well, but it’s better if new players who don’t have a support network in game can learn to do stuff too. I know GK in TSW was a figure of love/hate for many, but it was certainly an interesting idea. Some kind of training system where people could learn to tank, what to watch out for in terms of defensive cds, interrupts etc; learn how to heal spike damage, when and how to cleanse, when to prioritise heals; how to pewpew and not stand in the fire, that kind of thing. You could do solo scenarios where you get an NPC squad missing a member and you need to fill that role. Basically help to develop skills so that players have the confidence required to run content.

The biggest reason I hear that people don’t want to tank is that it’s a lot of pressure. Helping people to get past that would be a big thing. I know plenty of people who will tank under e5, but aren’t sure about what the extra mechanics they need to worry about in e5+. Hell, I’ve been killed in many situations where someone afterwards has said “oh yeah, you want Immutable up for that…”

Creating content that gets people into group mode early on will help. Ironically story dungeons end up causing problems, as there’s no need for roles, which means that it’s only when people faceplant in elite content that they find out that there’s actual do’s and don’ts.


For my money the big issue is tanking is marginal at best. To learn to tank you want a high survivability high aggro build and give up other things, but at-level tanking is “just shy of one-shotted with 100% hp aa, doing just enough aggro to not lose it to similar geared players attacking the same enemy”.

It’s even worse now than at the start of the game cause it’s less and less likely you get an even group composition. Like it’s fine to say I should just go do lower elite levels, but I do 20k dps even rolling into it (no power moves for 5-10s), you can be a qualified E7 tank and have no chance against me.

It’s better if the optimized tank build can do pretty high dps and the naive tank build can learn the tricks with no chance of dying, that way both kinds of players have something to work with. I kinda lost interest in tanking cause like… my massive overgearing translates to me doing maybe 60% of the dps of an at-level player so runs are way slower than if I can just do dps. And the sustain meta is correct, it’s better dps to have sustain+dps than dpstank+healer. TSW handled this better, tanking nightmare dungeons was about a 1000-1500 dps loss at most gear levels, meaning you could do it in blue gear with 400 dps instead of 1500, or in 10.9.5 gear with 4000 instead of 5500

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This i would prefer over the anima well lock -
[Longshot suggestion] when you die, for instance - it perhaps auto ports you to well area as usual, but you are still dead and it automatically uses the camera from the well to watch the others. Personally i feel this might help more than just standing there twiddling thumbs watching the plants grow - sometimes watching other people in this way who know what they are doing, helps more than them telling you what to do - since telling someone beforehand, means nothing as they still have no idea what to watch for until it happens.
(and it would help with “that which shall not be named” - if you know what i mean, if not, then good)
I know the camera feature exists, but some don’t know about it unless you tell them, especially new people. Kinda feel it should be something that happens naturally rather than an option.

It most certainly is. I praise those with the courage to do it, and Tanking any level you always have teh worry of someone who is over-geared with IP taking agro from you - which just makes it difficult.
HOWEVER - DOES REMOVING TALISMANS HELP MORE THAN AA? Does this not lower your actual Damage output instead of whatever AA does? you would still do enough damage surely, but perhaps not enough if you were to lower your IP to their level. I’ve seen high DPS AA right down to next to no DPS AA at all and still pull agro from someone of the correct IP level for the dungeon.

This is indeed me at this point. Still this is only a “I will do it, when i’m ready, (gearwise) but there’s no way i’m going over E5 since I have no real clue or confidence” - then this quickly fades when i think about agro pulling even in anything less than E5. :frowning:

Isn’t hindsight wonderful lol (as they say)

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These are fair points. Keep in mind that I did mention that this would only apply to private groups. So it would be entirely up to the new player if he wanted to get carried through an E8 or not. The alternative is of course for them to sit in the que for 2 hours waiting for there E2 to pop. Yes there might be people who cry over the fact that you would have an advantage for gearing if you knew friends with a high IP but also lets not forget this is all ready possible with Occult Defense and I haven’t heard any complaints. Would the experience at high elites being overwhelming? The new player would literally have no responsibilities other then to observe mechanics and learn over time what to expect in fights. Sure they wouldn’t bring much to the table… or would they? Hey buddy could you bring a cleanse to this fight well give it a few tries and let you know when to cleanse. IDK its not perfect but the alternative I see is not all that great either.

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Wouldn’t GR pose a bit of a problem of the undergeared person doing practically 0 dmg to bosses at E8 lvls?
I know for me, on Meta-Moth, since she has 0 Hit rating and is E9 lvl. There is no way in hell she can do a DPS role no matter how much AA. I’ve tried before when requested (and i use that word “Requested” loosely in this sense) Seeing all those glances just put a dent in my morale and made me feel more useless than useful.

Thank goodness for being able to make a new character that can actually do things without being frowned upon by others.

Also AP/SP spend vs what they actually had as weapon choice.
If they didn’t have certain abilities unlocked due to not enough points spent in the correct areas yet for dungeons/raiding or/and weapon pages unlocked until they had actually paid for them and then still have to earn the AP/SP for the ability such as cleansing, buffing etc.
There’s lots of factors to consider when teaching anyone even the basics.

(None of this matters if you are taking along someone elses alt that you already know, since they will know which routes to take i.e gearing and ability choices and would already know what to do without any advices from anyone etc)

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The limited skills unlocked is a good point I hadn’t thought of. You may be able to steer the new player and give advice on which skills are most useful for there weapons of choice though. Regarding glancing I made the assumption that this would be the case and glancing or not they would likely be adding very little help DPS wise. I come across this issue a bit when I run new players to wave 21. Basically they get to the point where they feel “useless” and that diminishes there sense of enjoyment. I did have one player who had big goals of becoming SWL’s best healer and I didn’t really want to crush his dreams so I helped him make a build with cleanses and such that actually probably did save me a few times in the higher waves since we made it all the way to wave 30 duo.

Really my hope would be that the new player could still cover some minor support buff/cleanse roles and find some enjoyment. After all being a private group only sorta thing it would be assumed that the higher IP group members were cabal mates or friends helping out.

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And then there is rage timers to consider.

You would have to factor into it how much DPS the others of higher or matching IP can do? - the tank holding agro against those of course and the possible lack of DPS to reach thresholds because of an undergeared person present, as is often the case when first reaching some of the tiers where your IP matches that level and indeed the rest of the group present. resulting in having to level more just to complete a dungeon your IP actually lets you in to.

How many undergeared people you could take with you? their own HP pools vs inc dmg (AA more Hp for them would be even less DPS again - if they are doing any at all to begin with)

The fact that one was told to just go DPS in the very start of my dungeon groupings (because i was a healer who did 0 DPS) by nearly every single tank - to hear now that some would like to be able to bring a lower level IP and under geared person along, just sounds rather odd to me and not very well thought out. Considering the excuse used was often “We just lack the DPS”

I would then question the true motive and why some felt the need to diminish the healer role in the first place, if in the end - this is what people now want to do now they themselves are overgeared.

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There would seem to be two different paths that they could take, (if they did want to change this).
Firstly would be to simply change it so that private groups no longer had IP barriers to different elite brackets. That would mean that concerns about rage timers etc are entirely up to the players, as would the number of undergeared players.

Secondly would be to change the actual dungeons (and completely redesign the group instance mechanics for the game).

The comparison with healers is a bit misleading I think. This would seem to be the idea of experienced people taking friends through content to show them fight mechanics and to boost their progression. It should be expected that the experienced players have the requisite gear and skills to overpower the fights and compensate for the lower/non-existant dps contribution.

I’ve been in plenty of groups where someone has wanted to heal, and we’ve had enough DPS to take down the bosses without them contributing. We normally get about halfway through before the healer switches to DPS because they’re bored. If we’re unsure about the amount of DPS we’ve got, then sometimes we’ll run a lower elite, or check if the healer is ok with DPSing instead so that we can help them get better loot. It’s a lot harder to do in PUGs, but then it’d be less likely for a PUG to be trying to push past their elite bracket.

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Merci Drenneth pour le sondage et la récapitalution et surtout pour l’analyse de ce sondage…

Je pense tout comme vous tous… Aider les plus bas niveaux ou aider les plus hauts niveaux, ne me dérange pas du tout parce j’aime aider et c’est mon tempérament d’aider les autres…

Rajouter du contenu de groupe, ça serait génial… Surtout du contenu de groupe.
Je sais que beaucoup d’anciens qui ont quitté SWL pourraient revenir si le pvp revenait aussi, beaucoup sont des joueurs pvp et c’est ça qui manque à SWL.
Sur TSW, on avait de tout, pour tout joueur, qu’il soit joueur pvp ou joueur pve.
Sur SWL, il y a pas de pvp et c’est vraiment dommage. Stonehenge sur SWL n’est pas du pvp et encore moins Rosenbraum…

Je suis joueur pvp et pve mais plus joueur pvp. Si je reste sur SWL, c’est parce que je n’arrive pas à me trouver un autre jeu équivalent à TSW et surtout aussi pour les amis, ceux que je connais depuis le début de TSW même si je me fais de nouveaux amis avec le temps sur SWL, ce n’est pas pareil…

La communauté de TSW a été détruite volontairement par Funcom. Sur SWL, il y a pas de communauté, c’est une prétendue “communauté”, une communauté non solidaire, égoiste, élitiste.

J’espère sincèrement qu’il y aura du changement…
L’avenir nous dira.

(désolé, si google translate traduit mal mes pensées, mais je pense que les personnes qui me connaissent, savent de quoi je parle et connaissent mes pensées)

Thank you Drenneth for the survey and recapitalization and especially for the analysis of this survey …

I think just like all of you … Helping the lowest levels or helping the highest levels, do not bother me at all because I like to help and it’s my temper to help others …

Adding group content would be great … especially group content.
I know that many alumni who left SWL could come back if the pvp came back too, many are pvp players and that’s what SWL misses.
On TSW, we had everything for every player, whether he was a pvp player or a pve player.
On SWL, there is no pvp and it’s a shame. Stonehenge on SWL is not pvp and even less Rosenbraum …

I am pvp player and pve but no more pvp player. If I stay on SWL, it’s because I can not find myself another game equivalent to TSW and especially for friends, those I know since the beginning of TSW even if I make new friends with time on SWL, it’s not the same …

The community of TSW was voluntarily destroyed by Funcom. On SWL, there is no community, it is a so-called “community”, a community not supportive, selfish, elitist.

I sincerely hope that there will be change …
The future will tell us.

(sorry, if google translate my thoughts wrong, but I think people who know me, know what I’m talking about and know my thoughts)


This poll, and the many considered responses, are impressive evidence of the passion and interest demonstrated by TSW/SWL players. Unfortunately, Funcom will ignore everything mentioned in this thread, as they have ignored everything increasingly desperate players have said for over a year - other than, every now again, censoring anybody complaining too loudly. This game, my friends, is in deepfreeze mode. Let’s get used to it.


Actually, Google Translate has done one hell of a good job, Manga…


I must say manga there is something enjoyable about reading the google translate variation of your comment. as much as it may not be proper English there is something about other languages that really emphasizes key points and the message you wish to relay is very clear thank you.

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I think most have resigned themselves to the fact that “Change” and “Communication” are words devoid of Funcoms vocabulary. We already know they don’t have ears nor eyes.

I really do wonder what the hell the Feedback and suggestion thread is for and why they bothered to ask if we would like more informal posts and communication on a regular basis if they were to not even adhere to their own feedback and suggestion.


The search does indeed continue. . .
Mars perhaps?
Starting to doubt the man exists myself.
We only ever hear of Andy & Nicole (occasionally)
Who exactly does work alongside them or do they have pseudonyms of Nossos, Umborls etc


Feedback and suggestion thread is very likely used to feed the other lurker known only as “Limbo”

A few people have been unfortunate to end up in Limbo’s Dimention for a short-long while.

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