Couple polls posted by the community

I thought I share these so they might be seen as feedback to Funcom as well as the community to see what peoples thoughts are.

First Poll is concerns:

Second Poll is what profession will you play:

first poll is kind of goofy because it doesn’t list the #1 player concern(in my opinion): lack of steady updates/new content.

  • ‘high sub for old game’
  • ‘game is just old’
  • dont have time for grind’
  • ‘funcom itself’

are all kind of the same thing and/or vague

should have been something more like:

  • premium subscription fee without enough new content
  • exploits+bugs
  • multiboxing/botting
  • lack of quality of life/modernization updates

I don’t consider an old game with a subscription fee a problem by itself, many old games are still going strong. BUT an older game with a subscription without steady content is harder to justify. the closest option on the poll is ‘high sub for old game’ but I don’t agree with that so I didnt vote on the poll.

second poll however: FIXER

This was not made by me nor is it a poll about making Funcom hire staff and work on a dead game. Was more about the new server being made and what people feel like.

I think my biggest concern is longevity or lack of character transfer should the server close, it would suck to put a year into a character only to have it disappear, I cannot see that as a good idea and it’s making me cautious about starting a subscription.

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