Stumbled on this old thread

Made pretty funny reading how we’re just getting what we asked for and it’s not Funcom cutting costs by removing servers. Thread did not age well.

I mean who in their right mind would fail to see issues with level 60s being able to regularly transfer server with an inventory full of bombs in a game already plagued by exploits, cheats, dupes and zerg clans? So assuming the above issues are obvious, why do it? kindness or prep for server shut downs? So much for Codemage’s crazy theory :slight_smile:

Ok, so own up, who asked for the current bomb dupe Funcom kindly provided? Cos with the server transfers it’s an amazingly effective way of wiping complete servers and turning people away from the game. Although the bomb dupe has been widely known and reported for what, a month? Pretty sure Funcom must have fixed it now though right? It’s not in their interests to see official server pops declining. Or is it? :slight_smile:

My point? it’s just a funny mess.

***Post got hidden as apparently it’s offensive or against some rule that boils down to not being able to criticise the game. The rush to silence anyone we don’t agree with continues I guess.

Bravo Funcom! How’s the work on that game destroying bomb dupe going? Is it true what people say, old games don’t make no new money, so at this point you just don’t care? A lot of poor folk have spent a lot of time playing the game and building up their bases in good faith, and now the scourge of endless duped dragon powder wipes even the toughest fortresses.

But don’t talk about it! Suffer in silence please. We don’t want (the very few) players who don’t know finding out how someone was able to rock up at their painstakingly farmed base with 2k dragon powder to wipe every single block. Surely the forum should be ablaze with complaints? Odd that.

Is it really acceptable, aside from all the other BS, that it’s been a month or more that this bomb dupe has existed and nothing has been done. Surely a fix for this issue should be the no.1 priority if you care at all about your player base.

If your base was wiped and you found out it was due to bomb duping, I imagine the inclination to play would disappear. My clan stopped playing when we heard about it, it makes defences pointless and farming a job your doing for someone else. The only options are to cheat as well or wait to be the victim, no thanks. How long do you expect players to wait for a fix? cos it’s a fools errand to play before it’s fixed, maybe even after if bombs and dragon powder aren’t decayed. Some have turned the dupe into a fulltime job. How long do you expect your player base to wait before they move on?

I get the dupe doesn’t affect pve, but fixing it doesn’t negatively impact it either, so surely we can all agree it is not good enough that it persists? I can’t imagine Ark or Rust to allow such a fundamentally problematic exploit to exist for so long and perhaps that’s part of why their player retention is so high. Conan has as much potential as either of those games, so whats holding it back? Wake Up Funcom.

Oh well 3, 2, 1 post hidden again.


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There’s plenty of critical posts that don’t get hidden.

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This takes the cake for the most cringe thing I’ve ever read on this forum


Yeah, the theory that Funcom is implementing features we asked for is really, really crazy.

And you have disproved it most adroitly by pointing out how they implemented the server transfer in the cheapest possible way without worrying about the unwanted side effects of it, because Funcom’s track record in that regard is squeaky clean and they’ve never done anything like that before. Bravo!

I mean, if you think about it, it’s obvious that they wouldn’t implement things we asked for unless it’s all a secret plan to implement something really bad that we haven’t been asking for, like server consolidation. Just look at the forums, it’s not like people haven’t been complaining about server population and server moderation and asking for server consolidation as a solution. No sir, that’s totally not something that happened.

As a matter of fact, you’ve convinced me with your cogent arguments that Funcom is entirely staffed by people who spend a lot of time in conference rooms planning how to make players miserable, and attending company-mandated courses on how to have a properly sinister cackle.

The only way they could ever convince me of their good intentions again is if they implement something players asked for, but not just anything, no. It has to be something that hurts Funcom’s bottom line, so it shows they’re honestly contrite for all the suffering they caused us…



The only thing that I think was planned was enforcing a vague tos to suspend people and condense servers to save cost. They should of just lead with condensing server so everyone had a chance to pick up their stuff

Since they started enforcing the TOS, the official server population has increased and stayed steady, not decreased. The only thing supporting your argument is any gains made by officials have also applied to non-official at the same ratio.

In either case, whatever decisions they have made recently have not been incorrect.

I disagree with that statement. A couple of clanmates and myself keep track of offical server counts. Your argument is invalid due to merging of servers.

They were 1,200 before the merges, and 1,600 as of yesterday (1593 at around 20:00GMT). Go ahead count’em yourself.

I get better facts for you.

If you notice the dip when rules were being enforced.

Huh, I wonder how many people were being banned in August 2020 :thinking:

Can’t believe funcom was banning ark players from playing ark too :thinking:

It’s almost as if there’s other factors that affect the player count on games and thus is an inherently flawed statistic to try tracking

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Well this came from steam. I used the other site that determine when rules were placed and when dupping occured. I notice this month is mostly flat in active players when looking at the graph.

I just checked a few other games in the genre, namely Ark, Rust, and Valheim. They all saw a massive dip in players in March. Can’t believe funcom went to so many different games and banned all their players that’s crazy


Dip in march is one month. You have to look at a course of a year or more. Otherwise the data points would be less accurate. Either way you clearly trolling.


Ah you must be referring to the even larger dip in october, right around when this debacle started. Crazy how funcom all the way back then was costing all the other games players too

I think that would actually be you. You’re still not over being banned for your gross overspam months ago, you bring it up almost daily. It’s your profile pic. Anyone can take one look and see you’re in the wrong here.

Clearly you dont follow the rules on the forum. You are not staying on topic. You should be ban for not following rules.


Clearly you dont understand it being used as a weapon.

Its a good profile pic. If your going to keep straying from main topic thread I suggest you listen to yourself and suspend yourself for not following rules.

@Umborls he clearly not staying on topic and the rules should be enforced like conan.

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Apparently I follow forum rules better than you follow game rules.

Funny, your post was the first one not on topic

Exactly, I’m amazed you’re still here somehow

Yes it is

Not vague, unless you’re desperately trying unsuccessfully lawyer your way around it to claw a loophole

Their servers, they can do that.

You’re right, they should be banned beforehand. The sooner the rulebreakers are removed the better it is for everyone else.

If you report someone who isn’t doing something wrong, they aren’t impacted. Not really a weapon if it misses

It’s a terrible build and textbook example 1 on what not to build

Sign out button is on the right pal

Not following rules again.

" You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But remember to criticize ideas, not people ."

Respect each other. Don’t harass or grief anyone.

Clearly your griefing when I was posting facts and you reply with sarcasm.

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I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was speaking to a sentient building. Can I speak to your owner instead?

You posted a flawed statistic and flew into the defensive when I provided counter-evidence that didn’t match your narrative.

I really think you should take that to heart, look inwards before projecting outwards

You just stated that you believe 100% of steam players play officials. You just did yourself in and probably don’t even know how.