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Question. With white listed slots being available after the patch tomorrow we have stated to people who play on our server that our gaming community players would get whitelisted since they donate to help pay for our dedicated server. Player on a server has spammed us with how this is illegal since we are selling access to Funcom’s game. We have done this in like 20 plus f=games and are not selling access to players to the game a it is just protecting access to the server for players who help pay for the server. What is Funcoms stance on communities paying for a server and giving priority access to our members?

I think the stance is clear by them having provided whitelisting at all…

I’d think that Funcom’s stance is irrelevant.

it is when asshats in the server claim it is illegal and they are reporting our server to Funcom. I just want a answer from them to shut the idiot up. :wink:

oh madman , how you been bro

I am good Kelts.
You guys still together as a group?

couple of us are still wreckin servers :stuck_out_tongue:

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