Forum infested with trolls

Just wanted to raise a topic about how many trolls that lurk the forums nowadays trying to sabotage suggestionthreads, or give not serious suggestions just to troll the community. We’ve all seen them but its hard for Funcom staff to realize whos trolling and not since they dont have a deep insight in the game. This was a lesser problem on the old forum where you connected to your game-account, and couldnt make unlimited amount of accounts as long as u had a new email :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wanted to remind you of the flag and reportfunction, thats the only way to get these jokesters out of here. The point is not to flag people you dont agree with, only the obvious trolls.


Because clearly anyone who has an opinion that differs from yours is trolling.

And they say I’m a narcissist … :joy:

There is a reason funcom views differing views objectively. clearly you are incapable of it.

This sounds like flame bait to me. Moving on. /reported

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Arent you the one that complains about peoples readingskills every other thread? :sleeping:


I tried to post two times topic with video about cheater and two times after few minutes it was flagged and hidden. :expressionless:

Its against the EULA to shame people on the forum, it was probably removed by mods.

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Okay, i didn’t know. Thx.

Could you quote where in the EULA such statement is said? Also can you give an example of what shame on the forum means for you? Thanks.

Might be mistaken on the EULA, could just be general forumrules, but I remember several occasions on the old forum where mods have said its against the rules to shame someone.

I dont really see why im in the positioin to clarify what shaming means, thats up to funcom. But im guessing shaming is to talk bad about another player to alot of people using the forum as platform, is it up to the players to condemn an individual for cheats and give them bad reputation? I dont know, the majority of cheataccusing i see in global is incorrect.

Theres is also a forumrule that cheats and exploits shouldnt be discussed, cos talking about it will make the use of it spread in the community.

Polearm posted 2 times a Video and titled “Player x is a cheater”. I wrote in comment that post will likely be removed since he was asking but ofc my comment got removed with the rest.

Naming and shaming is just something not allowed on the forums (and posting “player x is a cheater” with proof or not is firmly in that realm), it doesn’t exist in the EULA as the forum and the game are separate things with separate rules (game has EULA, forum has social guidelines), but that’s just technical crap and nitpicking as it’s basically the same thing.


An accusation against another person’s or organization’s integrity, business practices, etc. is only allowed if the accuser has sufficient evidence. This is to prevent doomsaying, panic, and misinformation.

Any submission or comment that lacks sufficient accusation evidence will be locked or removed with zero tolerance.

Do not engage in “vigilante justice” nor encourage members of the community to do the same. Please do not “name and shame” other users; DM staff if you have an issue with another user or player in the community.

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Behind the name and shaming rule is something like “don’t show to other players how we have failed to counter the same cheat engine from 2008”. Or something in those lines…

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Oh, evidence is provided. When we accuse someone of cheating we always provide a video showing it clearly. The thing is, then, that nothing ever happens. So don’t blame us.

It’s stunning how there’s all sorts of rules about political correctness but none against cheating. Anticheat should be the number one priority or one of the top in a multiplayer game.


Oh I second this. The last Saga and recent PvP summer event has brought more of this behaviour.

Currently I have a ticket open with Funcom offering unequivocal video proof - still waiting on an answer.

Not too mention the rampant alt-farming/mini-game rigging.

Funcom, I really hope you have enough GM’s for this server. It’s annoying when you pay for “Path of Vanquisher” and it’s robbed of you unfairly.


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@Kazour It’s a common rule on all multiplayer game forums.

Can’t find it @Epicmonies , only find articles for Overwatch , Everquest II and forums for Destiny 2, Crowfall and Camelot.

You know why it’s hard to accuse someone of cheating? What makes you believe that was not the lag? Or he is a big casher who spent who knows how much and what items he is using. Unless he is using a 3rd side program that makes a direct connection to the server and alterates the stats on the server side, technically you cannot even spot if the user has a cheat installed on his machine, unless you add to the game a software that checks out all the folders on his machine for any alterated file, this was an old way to prevent cheaters but did not work. You must know how cheat works, jumps 100 metres gets not damage and run like nothing happens, but what if the video was edited? Kinda hard isn’t it.

About trolling pay attention, some user do sound like they are trolling, making you laugh takes your attention, but they are not joking. Not all the lol are actually trolling, but yes, many users just post to mess around. To shame someone you must post his real name, pics and make a story over him, you cannot shame a toon because it’s something that does not exist in real life.

It’s not hard or too difficult to see when a video shows someone appearing out of thin air in front of you with teleport, by stealing the flag and returning to their base to score in 5 seconds, when it usually takes at least 30. There have been videos of clear teleport use and those people were never banned. Then obvious comber where the player starts running half through the cast of a long combo finisher without interrupting it, or noticing how the damage is applied there as he starts moving, that’s quite obvious as well.

How to detect it? Funcom were given the chance to start doing it by checking the server-client timers, which cheat engine modifies. They were given the tools, but cheating is just alright in this game. Subscription fee and/or item shop purchases from these cheaters are more important than keeping a healthy PvP environment, apparently.


Pfft, everyone knows that if someone kills you, they automatically are cheating!

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