So, what is future of this IP?

Now that SWL went full year without any update, what is future of IP? Anyone knows do they plan to finish story in other media (book, comic, anything), or Funcom washed hands from it? Even 2rd reboot would be better than this.

We don’t have any official info but I’m probably not alone in being black pilled on this matter. SWL gets 0% dev time at this point with the big titles getting all of it. At least this is what I remember hearing on ZPR stream.

One glimmer of hope for me is that Funcom is pretty generous with giving the IP rights to other creators. We have ver much recommended @Blodwedd’s book series and an upcoming pen & paper RPG. There was also a Secret World Continuum LARP announced at some point. The TV series is probably dead, since there was no word on it since the initial announcement.

Moons of Madness and Cyrano ARG shone a small light at the end of the tunnel at some point. TSW IP has a long story ot interconnectedness, with countless ARGs, Hide nad Shriek or The Park in the fold. Still, the new Funcom project announced at Summer of Gaming event turned out to be Hellsinger, not connected to TSW IP at all.

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Also, Funcom is doubling up on their new Dune survival MMO. I’m guessing they’d rather have it come sooner than later now that Villeneuve’s film is out.
And Conan Unchained makes a lot more money: all it’s DLC are paid to play. Maybe if Funcom shifted back to Secret World paying DLC… But I won’t hold my breath (anymore).

That’s not a Funcom project. In fact, Funcom hasn’t made anything new since Conan: Exiles. They just publish stuff from indie devs now and sometimes force them to crowbar TSW into the game in an awkward, disjointed way that makes no sense.

All of Funcom’s development resources are in Exiles now. They haven’t announced anything further, so they’re not actively developing anything else at the moment. And maybe never. They’ve gotten a taste for publishing. That might be what they turn into going forward.

I’m not even sure if FC is developing that Dune game, either or farming it out. Wish they’d farm out development for this game. Even if it wasn’t FC developing, anything is better than this.

There is no future, the Dreaming Ones have won.

So there’s that.

Totally dead.

I still come back to check on the game every now and then, and every time it hurts just as bad. So many good memories. I miss the good old times. :pensive:

As others have mentioned; I wish some other company would give the IP a shot, but that’s not likely to happen.