New Funcom game

Sooooo the new funcome game moons of madness set in the SWL universe looks ammmmazzzing !!

Since it isn’t being developed by Funcom, maybe it won’t have tons of game breaking bugs!

It does look pretty cool.

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I really love the lovecraft theme in games and this is ooozing it. The first 20 mins gameplay looks beautiful

That old gameplay video that has been floating around for years apparently isn’t supposed to be a good representation of things. It was made before Funcom hopped on board and before the game started using the Secret World IP.

Oh no iam talking about the recent release

Oh, can you link it? I haven’t seen a recent 20mins of gameplay. The only one I know of is this one from Aug 10, 2017:

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Yeah I just checked it’s the same footage my bad :joy: still looks good though …getting serious dead space at the mountains of madness vibes

So is this suppose to be a new game with new game play, or an expansion for SWL with the old existing game mechanics?

Well, as I said, it isn’t developed by Funcom. So from that alone, you should know it can’t be an expansion to SWL :wink:

It is an entirely separate game, made by a separate studio, it is singleplayer, and it is loosely based on the Secret World lore.

It sounds like a non-combat type of game, based more on story and the horror themes.

New game with new gameplay set in the SW universe survival horror there was orochi badges on everything :wink:

Thank you for the reply, though you seem to believe that because it is not being developed by Funcom it cannot be an expansion; perhaps you should look at what is happening in respect of the PC version of the Halo game series. :wink:

Thank you for the clear and helpful explanation.

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Well, I based my comment off the way Funcom has run in the past. I don’t believe they have ever given their Dreamworld Engine out to other Development Studios.

Add to that the fact that this is their own personal project they spent many years on, and it seems highly unlikely they would want some other group of people to work on continuing it in the form of an expansion. A few little spin-off works is all they have ever allowed to utilize the IP.

I guess you can never say never, but you can say it is very highly unlikely. Mostly for the 1st reason.