Promotion of Moons of Madness

I am excited about the upcoming Moons of Madness game. I think it’s definitely my cup of tea. While trying to find information about the game, I ran into this YouTube video:

The creator is also very excited about Moons of Madness, but he is worried about there being little to no promotion of the game (which is coming out in a month or so). Has anyone seen any promotion of the game? Like the creator of the video, I’m curious about why more hasn’t been said about this upcoming product.

Outside of the 12 minute gameplay footage and hand on experience from e3/gamescom I can’t really think of something else. And handson experience is something not open to many.
Wish I could say something else but I am short on info despite my activity on the diffrent outlets.

They had a booth at Gamescom which has resulted in more press coverage.

But actual advertising seems to be reserved for Conan products.

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Cool. I’m glad to see it’s getting some good press.

It’s published by Funcom, so, given their track record? Nah.

While it’s kind of my cup of tea, I’ll wait for a playthrough by a streamer, mosy likely. Funcoms terrible business practices are such that I have no interest in giving them my money. They’re turning into EA, but without the finances for competent coding or reasonable advertising.


I really enjoyed MYZ: Road To Eden, and Bearded Ladies seem to be fairly responsive to current issues folks are reporting. I’m not familiar with the other studio doing this game but I’ll be giving MoM a fair shake when it’s released.

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To be fair I think with the scale of the game it makes sense that they haven’t been heavily promoting so far. Though they do need to step it up next month. I also really, really hope they at least have a small SWL tie-in.