Some positive feedback for Funcom

Clapping my hands Funcom…great work!

So was playing on Siptah PS4 today and the maelstrom struck while I was inside the range. I have to say that the experience was exhilarating! I was perched on a ledge and every so often lightning would strike in a monster, and boy some of them are truly gruesome! One looked like a zombie from Resident Evil…terrifying!!

I was genuinely on edge lol!!

Well done Funcom!


Mbeat are you a Resident Evil fan…?

Greetings @Mbeat,

Thank you for your feedback, we will make sure to send it to the team!

May your strength grow stronger with those new battles Exiled! :smiley:


Thank you Mayra! Loving the experience!!

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Well of course…I mean how famous is that franchise?? Lol

But I’m a bigger fan of Conan! Long live Amra the Lion!!

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Would you believe me if I said that you were the first other member I have encountered here on the forum who is a fan? Surprising hey, that is why my reaction.

Really? Lol that’s crazy! How can you NOT appreciate that franchise!

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