Tencent owning Funcom, will we get content?

I read that back in March Tencent bought up Funcom, but from the article it sounded mostly because of Conan Exiles.

I would love to get more content for SWL, and with the latest balancing update it seems the team is back to working on the game a bit more. Do you think we will get new content? I am curious what people think.




I’d almost guarantee it at this point.


It’s the most solid chance we had in… pfew, I don’t know, 5 years ?

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nah, Tencent seems to have a hands-off approach towards their subsidiaries, so Funcom will most likely continue doing what Funcom was doing before, which means “Dune” and some other fire-and-forget projects.

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All the articles seem to talk about Tencent being most interested in the Dune IP, with the upcoming movies and the game in development already.

Does it mean we’ll get more SWL content? I don’t think you can directly draw a link between the two tbh. The balance patch has been on the cards for a long time before Tencent bought Funcom, (the Zero Point Report interviewed Nirvelle, and he said that they were looking at the balance patch back in November,) so again there’s no direct causal link.

Moons of Madness was a success, and has helped develop the Secret World IP further. It’s possible that will add support to the idea of creating new Secret World content, but that may be in the form of new titles rather than new content for SWL. It’d be nice to see more content, but going on what Nirvelle has said, the next thing on the development agenda would be the DPS balance patch, which could take another 6 months with lots of stuff being reworked. If they’re busy with that, I don’t think they’ll have the developer time to create the new zones and dungeons that we’d all like to see.


I only expect Congo as new content and nothing more. There is one open portal next to South Africa.

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Currently I think that the game is ported with the scaling tech. If we see with the relaunch, the current tech don’t support difficulty proportional to the Items Power (IP) level beyond to E10. The weapons balance and the rebalance of the loot table with new distiliates and catalysts allow to optimise the gear’s building progression, which was very necessary for players wich build mythic & legendary gears.

The weapons balanced come because the current weapons, don’t work well with E11-17 end-game group content (but everyone known their was a problem about that with the current content), during the migration from the old to the new scaling tech. That allow in the same time to fixed many issues that the game has with the relaunch.

The next big step after that is for me, maybe, scaling zones with scaling lairs. That’s will be the finale step about the port of scaling tech everywhere in the game and all the cards will be in the hand to the team for release new contents.

It’s a wait, everyone know but if new zone will be, it’s maybe preferable to fixed the game, homogenize everything before AND release new content with maybe a better advertisement with the help of Tencent to attract new players with a game “well build” and a new story content. It’s not a new relaunch but it’s a task close of that since the team have decreased in term of number of dev which work on the game.

If the game would be dead, I think they wouldn’t take the time to do that. Each time I say, it’s the lack of communication which make everything confused but they prepare “the tools” to build the game.

  1. scaling tech : allow to facilitate the build of new contents by the team (a little particular for group content because scaling tech need to be “personnalized” to each group content).

  2. weapons balance : very great when we play, that’s allowed to the team to build content with the logic of each weapon and build a strategy for boss or maybe create new ennemies like in a zone.

Even if they had more money, the number of people in the team wouldn’t allowed to develop quickly “big content”. Currently they fixe, optimize the game for us and them so wait & see and I’m sure, we will have a reward :wink:

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There’s also an open portal by Kaidan. I’d love to see more content in Japan.

That’s true. When I was brand new in TSW, and I went to that clean portal that rushes you to the filth one, I always thought when I beat Tokyo I would be able to actually use the clean one lol.

They might have planned the clean portal for those that completed The Manufactory.

The story from that dungeon creates a clean Kaidan.


Oh really? That would have been cool. I would’ve loved to have gone into Klean Kaidan.

Hope so

What would be the point in going to a clean Kaidan? It wasn’t meant to be an instant thing where the filth was all instantly gone anyway, as Emma needed time with the machine. But if the filth was gone, we’d have nothing to do in Kaidan.

I mean, we could go relax with Inbeda, or go play on the pachinko machines, but once it’s all been fixed up we don’t really need to visit any more.

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Hahah, yeah I know.

I wasn’t thinking of going into an actual clean zone, but more of a ‘perk’ for those that had completed the dungeon :wink:

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Exactly. Just a cool thing to see when completed.

One can always dream, would always welcome new content how small it may be.

Would have been hell of a hangout to roleplay, seeing a living megalopolis with new soundtrack and maybe some Legends hidden around.

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I was also thinking some NPCs walking around like in London and New York.

im thinking no most would see that as a bad investment but who knows