Tencent to acquire all Funcom shares?

Seems like its already decided. But this wont change much on AoC situation.

All the money and love will be given to the new projects, mostly the new Dune game.

But hope dies last, right? Lets see…

With you there :slight_smile: On the positive:

from when the initial 27% was purchased in October, indicates that there is some Conan love…

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Fingers crossed lol

Ho boy…

This could be good or this could be bad. Be careful of what you wish for. Working on a different industry in mid management, I have seen this a few times, change of ownership and it is both exciting and scary.

If we get change it probably won’t be the change we want. Call me Sheldon Cooper, anymore change is scary to me.

In the words of Han Solo “I have a bad feeling about this”. I hope it turns out good, but we just have to wait and see.

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Jarafin, take a look around. Note the outbreak of support related threads that go unanswered, as well as every suggestion by players, even the most obvious, that Funcom might want to address those trying to pay them.

AoC is not bleeding players, they’re abandoning ship for other games, dare I say better games, even if ‘better’ only means including customer support and the ability to subscribe.

I loved your quote, but this one seems more appropriate:

“What in the hell have you got to lose!” ~ Donald J. Trump

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Well said! Yes, I am aware of the many issues with billing, slow responses, locked accounts and so on. If they fixed just that alone it would be a huge help.

I will try to be positive and hope for good change if we get any at all. New content would be nice too. I just hope they don’t do something like “improve graphics” making older rigs struggle or other unnecessary changes to the bones of the game. I doubt it, with the Dune project and Exiled et al. But I cannot not worry about changing things and messing up the game I love.

more likely they shut the servers down for good and create new cash cows with the franchise.

But AoC is at it’s worst right now… You can’t subscribe and you won’t get any help if you face troubles with your toons or account. Nothing new is coming so, any change will be for the better.

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Indeed, we have nothing to lose. This game is in “pilot light” mode and has been so for a very long time, even the slightest whiff could blow that light out. There are quite a few games released this year that can do some real damage to my dedication to this game if something radical doesn’t happen to AoC within the next 6 months. 12 years of supporting Funcom is about to end.


What’s the worst that could happen? Shut down the servers, it would be a relief :slight_smile: the way it is right now I keep coming back, they keep taking my money :frowning: