With Tancent becoming largest share holder, do you think we'll see them throw some money at Age of conan

So Tancent has purchased a majority share in Funcom, and we know Tancent have a lot of money. Do you think we can expect Tancent to throw some money at Funcom as a studio, and secondly do you think any of that money will go towards Age of Conan.

I know Funcom is working on their new Dune game, but it’d be great to see some love for AoC. I’m just skeptical they will do anything more for this awesome game. But I dream that one day it’ll evolve for the better.


Isn’t KGJ Capital AS the sugar daddy who kept FC alive all those years?

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No, they only purchased a 29% stake in Funcom and while that makes them the largest minority stakeholder it doesn’t mean they’re the majority share.


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I dream. I hope. But after the kick in the ahemknee of Black Kuthchemes I can’t expect much now.
It does not need to be said again how completely unprofessional and disrepectful to shout new content is coming only weeks away only to have the cone of silence drop. And then finally, laughing it off “well it’s on hold, can’t say more, just wait.”

oh well, I said it again…no hope now, if something comes it will be a pleasant surprise maybe


With Age of Conan, Funcom really had gold in a bottle. In classic wow i’ve reunited with my old AoC guild and we sit and talk about all the fun we had back in the day. But there are a couple things that stopped AoC dead in its tracks.

  1. No pvp advancement. No new pvp levels. No new pvp gear (not even skins). We played back when it was hard to reach pvp 10 too.

  2. They don’t have any way to detect hacks. So you have guys casting spells 10-20% faster then anyone else, out dpsing=stealing all the kills.

Just fixing these two issues alone would bring back a lot of people. Sure you would lose some players at first…but once word spread they were gone people would come back.

Maybe tencent could really look into these two issues. They have tried putting focus on new raids and pve content. How about try pvp content.

Compare how much money you made from pve saga to pvp saga??? I bet they made so much more with that pvp saga server. Just some thoughts.


I doubt anything noticeable will change as a result of Tancent buying those shares.

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Not a thing will change, expect for worse, I don’t see any reason why anybody should be optimistic knowing funcoms past


One could hope they invest in more shared devs across the portfolio of games while it may not significantly impact Aoc, possibly could have a faster implement of newish content.

Also they need desperately upgrade the customer service response times.

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wait. Tencent is a Chinese company isn’t it? If that’s the case then expect even more grinder bs in funcom games :frowning:

Aha, and it was founded in the Cayman islands… :smiley:

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He he he, the rich man island :slight_smile:

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